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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

That night, Rory heads into the paper office, all dressed up for her dinner with Logan. She tells Bill that she never heard back from any copy editor on her piece for the next day's paper, and just needs to confirm that everything's okay before she goes on her date. Bill says that Michael is her editor, but that Michael, along with almost the entire rest of the staff, has quit. Rory is upset, but says that's fine; she can have Bill look over her article with her. "We could," he says, "but I quit, too. Right after Joanie. I bowed out. I actually bowed -- physically bowed." Rory is annoyed. She asks what Bill's even doing there, if he quit. He gets that look of pure schadenfreude, and says that he stayed to "have a ringside seat for the event of the century." He says that tonight will mark the first time in history that the Yale Daily News does not come out: "D-Day, the paper came out. Kennedy gets shot; paper comes out. But three months of the Gellar reign of terror, and the whole damn institution comes tumbling down." Rory does not skip a beat before telling him, "You suck, Bill," and going off to Paris's crazy, Unabomber fort.

What Rory finds there is not pretty. Paris is in the dark, surrounded by paper. She is freaking out. "No one can write a lede," she says. "No one." Rory asks if Paris has any idea of what's going on with the staff. Paris says she can't think about any of it right now, that the staff is a "ship of fools," and that she can put the paper out by herself as long as she sticks to her schedule. Rory can see that the madness here is deep. Looking at Paris's schedule, she says that there's about a hundred hours of work and five hours to do it. Paris says she'll get it done. "Well," Rory says, "you'd better get bitten by that radioactive spider pretty damn fast, here." Paris loses it, yelling at Rory not to distract her and putting on a pair of earmuffs. Rory looks scared and leaves the cave, going out into the staff room where the few remaining staffers are hanging out, waiting on the meltdown. Where the hell is Doyle, now? I mean, couldn't he have been helpful in all of this? It's weird and wrong that they've made no reference to him.

Rory takes a look around and becomes filled with ambition. She briskly hands out instructions: she orders one guy to get on layout, another to call in all the heelers, and another to find some of the resigned editors. "Come on, people," she yells. "Move! We've got a paper to get out."

Meanwhile, back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Sookie at coming home to Lorelai's house. Apparently, Sookie is going to take the dog home for the night to give her family a dog test-run. ["Lord, do we need to find someone to lend us a dog for just this reason. Glark's got puppy fever, and he's got it BAD." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai tells Sookie to keep Paul Anka occupied while she puts on his leash. Apparently, he freaks out if he sees it: "He's totally fine having his personal freedom slowly stripped away, just as long as he's completely unaware that it's happening. Just like a true American." Awesome. That whole set-up was worth it for that payoff. As Sookie gets ready to head out with the dog, Lorelai hits her message button, and they hear Luke. He's says that April is coming to the diner tonight until 8, and so he'll see Lorelai there after 8. "After 8," Sookie repeats, and Lorelai looks embarrassed. "Yeah," she says. "That's what he said." Sookie says that she guesses they decided that Lorelai won't meet April just yet. "Yeah," Lorelai says. "I guess we did." Sookie cringes, and asks if Lorelai wants her to leave Paul Anka. Lorelai says no, Sookie should take him, and that she's great. "You are?" Sookie asks. Lorelai, rolling her eyes: "Yeah, I guess that's what we decided."

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