Gilmore Girls
Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Later, Lorelai wedges herself into the soda shoppe to spy on Luke through the glass. Some bitchy woman in the endless line accuses her of trying to cut for the free chocolate. Babette sweeps in, pushing Lorelai to the front and grabbing some free chocolate for the both of them. Lorelai tries surreptitiously to sneak back to the window to watch Luke, but Babette and Patty horn in. Lorelai is mortified to find out that the whole town knows about April. "That was page one news around here for a week," Babette says. "So what's the scoop?" Lorelai is, of course, unwilling to give them any scoop, since she doesn't have any, and hems and haws as the two busybodies pick the situation apart. Miss Patty says that April looks like a reader, and that she can't imagine Luke with a reader. They go on and on about how they can't even imagine Luke with a kid. "He's not a hundred-year-old eunuch, or anything." Lorelai says. The dozens of other town rubberneckers now decide to crowd around, and the rumors begin to fly. They ask if April and Anna want money from Luke; if he's going to try to get custody; if they're really sure it's even his kid; and make further jokes about the unlikelihood of Luke's having a child who reads books. Lorelai can finally take no more, and excuses herself.

Back at the paper, Rory has got the staff back, and the place is hopping. Russell, the printer, calls to tell them that they're about to lose their print time, and she cajoles him into giving them an extension: "We've never asked for it before, and we never will again. By the way, you sound like a very handsome man, Russell. Do you work out?" Very cute work by Alexis Bledel, here. She admits that she's using her feminine wiles, but that they really need the extension. They get it, and she continues to put out fires all around the newsroom, finally telling Bill to work or get out. In the midst of all this, Logan arrives, and Rory realizes that she's forgotten their date. She explains the complicated and frenzied situation, while Logan looks on, smiling. "I can't believe you didn't call me," he says. "I know this crap backwards and forwards." Rory says she didn't think Logan would be interested in helping, but in fact, he is. He launches into newspaper mode; he may hate working on the paper, but being around a newsroom his whole life has prepared him for all of this. He says he has some stuff ready, and that he can edit a lot of the stories, and tells Rory that if it comes down to it, they can cannibalize what they already have for Friday's issue and use it for this one. "Robbing Peter to pay Paul," Rory says, intrigued, and Logan says yep: Peter's asking for it.

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