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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Back at Lorelai's, Luke is going on and on about April and her huge brain and how amazing it is that he has a kid who reads and is smart. He says he bought Geometry For Dummies to try to help her with her homework, but that he still doesn't get it. Lorelai is trying to match his excitement about April, but she's having a hard time. Luke says he can't believe how the whole town is staring at him all the time, and how much he hates it. He thanks Lorelai for "getting" that he needs some "alone time" with his kid -- and I am so, so, so beginning to hate the word "kid" -- and Lorelai cringes, saying yes, she gets it.

The paper staff has hit the final countdown. They are all gathered around Rory as she cuts and pastes the final story into the layout when the phone rings. It's Russell, giving away their spot. Rory wigs, but Logan shoves the pessimistic Bill aside, and takes the call. When he introduces himself as Logan Huntzberger, it is clear that Russell is listening. Logan smoothly claims that they have already sent in the issue, which is a lie, but since it is for the greater good, I will allow it. Rory's still trying to finish it and signals for him to stretch -- he asks for Russell's name and how to spell it, rattling on that he's looking for a pen -- and just when he finds out that Russell's last name is actually "Smith," Rory signals that the issue is sent over. The staff whoop it up in celebration until Paris emerges from her cave, looking crazy. "All right!" she says. "We got the paper out! Good hustle!" They ignore her. Rory tells Logan that he saved her ass and, should the Earth ever be threatened by a huge asteroid, she wants him in the fighter jet. He laughs, thanking her for the vote of confidence. She awkwardly kisses him, causing my stomach to lurch, and Logan pulls out a brown bag with sandwiches and wine for a celebratory dinner. Oh, fine. I like Logan. FOR NOW. It won't last, people. Don't get excited.

It's Friday night, and Lorelai and Rory stand before the gates of hell. Hold on, no. They stand before the doors of The Grandparents' House. Lorelai tries to psych Rory up, who is, for the first time in the storied scarf history of this show, wearing what can only be described as kind of an ugly scarf. A rare misstep from the wardrobe department scarf division. Lorelai gets dramatic, making up a fairy tale about the house: "All the animals in the forrest were scared of the house. Maids go in, but they never come out!" Rory tells her to keep going. She does, talking about "a beautiful, young cow herder...ess" who jumps over the walls of the house and is faced with the evil queen. Exhausted, Lorelai says that these stories never even worked on Rory when she was four, so she doesn't know why one would work now. Rory sighs, resigned to her fate.

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