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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Rory and Lorelai ring the bell and are invited in by the maid du jour, and are then met by the cool and appraising Grandpa. He ignores them while he finishes his book chapter, then asks if they'd like a drink. Happy to be back in the routine, they say yes, but their faces fall when he does not get up to fix it for them, as he usually would. He does, finally, offering them a martini, and they have extremely awkward chit-chat until Emily comes in from the patio. She casually says that she'll be in later, after she finishes up a moonscape she's painting for the DAR art show. They are surprised to hear that she's painting, rather than coming in to talk to them before dinner, as has been her habit.

The awkwardness continues. Richard barely lets them sip of their martinis before interrupting them to make more. Rory is upset that her grandparents hate her, and Lorelai asks Richard if something is wrong. Richard neither confirms or denies this, and Lorelai demands that Emily come inside so that they can all talk about the Christopher-paying-for-Yale thing. The Grandparents passive-aggressively say that all of this talking is unnecessary, but when Rory tries to explain, saying that she let Chris pay for school because he is her father, they both burst out laughing. "Perhaps your 'father' can reimburse me," Richard says, "for the five cases of Scotch I had to send to the man in the bursar's office." Emily says she finds it very amusing that Lorelai and Rory are talking about Christopher like he's some kind of great guy all of a sudden: "It seems to me that when I was in cahoots with him, everyone thought that I was a villain. And now suddenly you're in cahoots with him, and that's perfectly fine." Lorelai asks her to please stop saying "cahoots," and denies that she's being hypocritical. Rory finally busts in to all this yelling, tears in her voice, and says that she didn't want The Grandparents to continue paying for school, anyway. Emily is triumphant, saying that proves that Rory just wanted to hurt them, and she, Richard, and Rory all try to stomp off in a huff. Lorelai, however, ain't having it. "Hey!" she yells. "This is not going to happen. We all agreed to have Friday-night dinner, and we're here, and I smell dinner. And, yes, apparently there are some issues to be worked out, but no one -- and I mean no one -- is leaving here until we do."

Friends, we have now come to the last five minutes of the episode. Let's talk about it for a moment before diving in. The folks at our beloved Gilmore Girls decided to get funky in these last few minutes, and I must say, what they achieved is pretty impressive. Hand-held camera shots and quick cuts; interesting blocking; lots of yelling. I think it's all great. The last five minutes are a series of fights and make-ups between members of this four-person family and while it is truly awesome, it's tough to recap. Bear with me, because I'm just going to run it down, piece by piece. It's the only way I can think to do it.

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