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Internet, I've had a weird day. I had to run an errand this morning to the hardware store and generally putz around the neighborhood and, after a few hours, sitting down to lunch with my husband, I noticed that my jogging pants were on inside-out. Usually, he's pretty jovial when things like this happen -- I couldn't officially call it "strange" that I would not notice I was wearing inside-out pants -- but today it was like he couldn't take it anymore. He just looked at me, sighed, and said: "You're a fool." Who am I to argue? My only defense is that my job has been off the rails for weeks, and I am quite tired. In any case, I am so glad to recap this nice, light episode that sees us off into the mini-hiatus.

Lorelai and Rory are in a department-store dressing room which, for whatever reason, features a dining table, while Rory tries on suits and Lorelai lays on a guilt about Rory not going on an upcoming road trip to see their friend Mia get married in North Carolina. Lorelai points out that Rory will miss all the requisite Moon Pies one must have on any road trip. I'll admit, here, that I am a bad Southerner and do not like Moon Pies. However, if you put one down in front of me with an RC, I WILL eat it, because actually I am a good Southerner and have been known to value tradition over good sense. Yee, I say, haw. This separates me from, to pick a for instance, Rory whose values are in direct contrast to mine -- she's "too busy" with "tons of schoolwork" to attend the wedding of the woman who gave her food and shelter as a child. I mean, it's a reasonable excuse, whatever, but this lady is extremely important to you -- you can't read in the car? Or, wait -- they DO have airplane flights to North Carolina. I know it will shock you to learn that we let the big iron birds land down here in the shoeless backwoods, but I was just up in Charlotte the other day and they have a nice airport there. One you can fly into and out of with great ease, especially if you are "busy."

Rory comes out of her dressing room in a very nice suit to add that she doesn't think she should be leaving town right now with Logan acting such a fool. What? Leave BECAUSE of that, girl. "He's treating me like shit, so I need to stick around and see what he does next"? Don't they teach you anything at Yale? Lorelai pronounces the suit "very cute," which gives Rory pause: "I don't know if cute's what I'm going for when I'm interviewing for jobs at a newspaper." Lorelai: "Worked for Brenda Starr; worked for Lois Lane." Rory: "So, if I get a job as a journalist in a comic strip, this is the one." Lorelai says that, actually, the suit is growing on her. "It screams New York Times," she says, pointedly. Rory says that she needs the suit to say more than that, really, since she hopes to hear from other big papers like the ones in Detroit, Seattle, and San Francisco. Her mother pshsaws: "Well, honey, you can't ask one suit to say so much. Why don't you get the suit that says something local?" Aw. She doesn't want her kid to move away. Rory smirks as she goes back into the dressing room. "Those other cities are so far away, so expensive, so tiring," Lorelai adds. "And plus, you know you can get a good cup of coffee in New York. I don't know about those other cities; they have crappy, crappy coffee." We can hear Rory sigh behind the dressing room door: "You mean like Seattle?" Changing the subject to avoid this universal truth, Lorelai reverts back to the road trip argument: if Rory doesn't go, she'll miss out on going to "Waffle Ranch." Now...why can they name-check everything else but mislabel Waffle House? Or, as I call it, My Beloved Waffle House? It does, as Lorelai points out, kick the ass of IHOP, and I am living proof that it also kicks the asses of hangovers, late-night munchies, and your cardiovascular system and general good health. Anyway, ain't no such thing as Waffle Ranch. Is the word "ranch" just funnier? It kind of is. Rory, in another suit, sighs again and asks why Lorelai is only just now getting all crazy about her going on the trip. Lorelai admits that when they got the wedding invitation, she knew Rory would play the homework card and had originally planned to make the trip with Christopher. "Oh," says Rory. "I'm sorry." Lorelai: "Are you sorry enough to make it up to me by...going with me?" Rory rolls her eyes and turns to check herself out in the current suit. It appears to be the winner, though I liked the last one better. Lorelai says that the newspaper people will probably like it so much, they'll take Rory's picture and put it in the Macy's One-Day Sale flier. Hee. Was Alexis Bledel ever in that flier? Probably.

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