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Some undetermined length of time later, Rory is back in Logan's apartment in New York, preparing to leave to go to the library to do some reading. Logan, meanwhile, is sitting in front of what is, truly, the largest computer monitor I have ever seen, blowing off the day. He's surly and rude to Rory as she tries to ask him what his plans are for the day. Apparently, Colin and Finn are coming over; they're going to "hang." Put off by his old-school Loganisms, Rory says she thinks she's going to head back to Yale after her trip to the library. "Good enough," he mutters, not even paying attention. Rory heads to the door just as we hear a knock from outside. It is none other than Mitchum, full of righteous rage. He walks in and grabs up the phone. "So," he snarks, "it does work." He's pissed that Logan hasn't called him after any of the zillion messages he's left, and furious that Logan ran off to Vegas after the business bust. "After what you pulled," he says, to Logan's indignation, "you can pretty much bet I'm going to be spying on you for the rest of your life." Logan tries to whine that he needs some time to get over the whole thing, but Mitchum isn't having it: "Get dressed, get cleaned up, and get your ass down to the office so you can hear what's been figured out for you." Logan tries to argue that his dad can't boss him around, since Logan's not just another one of Mitchum's employees. Right, Mitchum agrees, because if he were, Logan would have been fired by now. Daddy Warbucks storms out, demanding Logan's presence in an hour, and Logan gets his mope on. But, see, today's just not his day, because for once, Rory agrees with Mitchum's tirade. "Logan, I love you," she says, when he protests, "but I'm not going to support every stupid thing that you do. If you go rob a bank, what do you expect me to do?" Ah. I believe she's learned her lesson from the yacht thing, y'all. I can stop mentioning it now. "For me, it's not that your business deal got messed up," she tries to explain. "It's what you've done since then." Logan asks just what it is that he's done. "Nothing!" Rory replies. She tells him that he's not facing his responsibilities, and that people are counting on him, and frankly, he's being a jerk. "Well, maybe that's who I am," Logan smarts back. "Maybe I'm just a jerk, like my dad. Did you ever think of that?" Grabbing up her stuff, with tears in her voice, Rory walks out, saying, "I'm starting to."

Speaking of jerks, Kirk is at Luke's diner, giving Zach the runaround because his pickles are touching his fries. That...sounded far dirtier than I meant it to. Lane, Kirk says, would have built a protective fry layer to screen his grilled cheese from the offending pickle. "It's all goin' to the same place inside that dark, strange body of yours, Kirk," says Luke, stepping in. "Now, eat it." Zach follows Luke down the counter to declare that Lane was right: Luke rocks as a boss. He says that, in fact, he and Lane would like to have Luke over for dinner. Non-committally, Luke says sure, that would be great sometime. The thing is, Zach says, he needs it to be tomorrow. He was supposed to ask Luke a while back, and now Lane thinks Luke's coming over tomorrow and she's been cooking for two days. Luke is less than thrilled, especially when he hears that they're serving curry, and is generally curmudgeonly about accepting the invitation, but finally does.

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