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Lorelai is at Gilmore HQ giving Emily her weekly Quicken lesson. It's sweet but, you know, since they hate each other, it really isn't. When Emily leans over Lorelai's shoulder to ask a question, Lorelai accuses her of hovering. "I am not hovering," her mother shoots back. "Hovering means you elevate off the ground! Do I look like I'm elevating?!" Lorelai: "Gee, you seem awful tense, Mom." Haa! Emily says that, in fact, she is tense -- she's had enough of Richard being around all the time, in the house, in the middle of everything. He won't answer any questions about the business stuff that needs handling, and won't sign the important stuff for the accountants: "He's getting to be a serious pain the you-know-what." Lorelai looks confused: "The nose? The ear?" Emily rolls her eyes: "Would it give you that much pleasure to hear me say 'ass'?" Lorelai smiles: "I wasn't sure, but yes, it did." They are interrupted by Richard, who breezes in wearing a velour sweatsuit, looking for his putter. "Nice threads," says Lorelai. "You having lunch with Tony Soprano?" He's so involved with trying to find his putter that he won't stop to sign his tax form, but finally Lorelai tricks him into it. Emily gets more and more frustrated -- Richard won't listen to her about how cold it is outside and won't stop to talk about the tax stuff. In frustration, as Richard walks out, Emily finally screams at him to wear a hat. "Yes, Mother!" he calls over his shoulder, and Emily throws up her hands in frustration as Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's Rory, also in a rage -- she's so frustrated with Logan, she's ready to escape from NewYork and go on the Mia road trip. "Sounds like a trip like this is just what you need," says Lorelai. Overhearing, Emily asks what trip they're talking about. A gleam comes into her eye when she hears that they're heading to Charlotte, one of her friends having just returned from there after being rejuvenated in a spa. Lorelai starts to get nervous -- she can tell that Emily is about to invite herself, and Rory, also, seems to want her grandmother to come along. Why Lorelai doesn't fake a fainting spell and fall to the ground to avoid Emily's tagging along, I don't know, but her fears are confirmed when Emily declares that not only is she going on the trip, but that they'll take her car: "I have no intention of riding eight hundred miles in an Army vehicle." Good one, Emily but...I mean, what sense does this make to anyone? A sixteen-hundred mile road trip in three days when this was the woman who almost bought her own plane? Seriously, how hard is it to snap up some Air Tran fares? Ugh. Fine, I am cranky, but I don't get the road trip concept at all, especially since they show us about four minutes of the road trip itself.

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