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Gloriously, Emily strides into a roadside diner, talking on her cell phone, admonishing the staff of the spa she's scheduled to visit in Charlotte as she tries to arrange for a treatment to follow her Swedish massage. "Good Lord, no! A watsu?!" she shudders, offended by the suggestion. "Why would I want to re-experience my own birth?" The waitress arrives to hand out the multi-paged menus, featuring pictures of the food. Emily snaps her phone shut, finally taking in her surroundings. "Where on Earth are we?" she asks. Lorelai explains that since Emily refused to go through a drive-thru, they have stopped at Winky's: A Fine Eatery on I-85. A small quiz: which of your favorite recappers drives 85 to work every day? That would be my damn self. Emily, naturally, is mortified by the restaurant, and wastes no time in insulting the food, the staff, and the general population. She orders a turkey sandwich on wheat, and a glass of chardonnay. "That's the clear one," she says to the waitress, who I hope goes to the back and pours gasoline in it. Rory points out the case full of huge cakes by the wall, causing Lorelai to reminisce about Mia's famous chocolate cake. Rory shoots a worried glance at her grandmother at the mention of Mia, and is not surprised when Emily immediately changes the subject, trying to entice them into going to the spa with her. When she goes to the restroom, Rory suggests to Lorelai that they dial back all the talk about Mia, since it is probably making Emily uncomfortable. Lorelai rightly says that Emily knows the trip is all about Mia, and that they shouldn't have to avoid talking about her. Rory sighs that her real issue is that she's worried about what will happen between Lorelai and Emily when she graduates and moves away: "I want you guys to remain close." Lorelai assures Rory that they'll be fine, in spite of their complicated past, because Lorelai is a grown-up. As the waitress returns to hand her the accoutrements that come with an order of roadside diner lobster, Lorelai adds, "A grown-up who wears a bib."

Later, while trying to decide whether or not to watch Hitch or The Lake House on their motel television, Rory unpacks her dress for the wedding. It's wrinkled, and Lorelai suggests that she hang it in the shower to smooth it out with the steam (never works) "as soon as Mom gets done shellacking her face." Emily emerges, saying that she needed to freshen up there, since she couldn't very well arrive at a fancy resort smelling like bad shellfish and "covered with the grime of the road." Lorelai pshaws: "'The road.' Who are you, Willie Nelson?" The phone rings -- it's Mia calling to check on them. When she overhears Rory talking to Emily in the background, Mia insists that Emily come to the wedding, too. Lorelai tries to avoid this nightmare, but Rory interferes, and accepts on Emily's behalf. Emily, naturally, pretends to be mortified at the thought of attending. "Of course I didn't bring a thing to wear to a wedding," she says, snitting out to her resort. "Luckily, they're going bohemian, so it won't really matter." When she's gone, Lorelai throws up her hands in frustration, but Rory says that it will be a good thing -- a chance for more bonding. "The only good thing," Lorelai says, "is that Mom's is going to get to the resort still smelling like bad lobster, 'cause I left my doggie bag in her car." Revenge of the shellfish!

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