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It's early morning at Luke's, and Zach has arrived an hour before opening to, he says, help Luke "crank up the place." As he slams chairs around, interrupting Luke's morning routine, it becomes clear that Zach needs someone to talk to. When he tosses something to Luke and sees him ably catch it, he compliments him on his catching skills. "You must have played some ball," he notes. Luke: "A little." Zach says that he didn't really get into sports much, seeing as how his dad split and all. Poor Zach is so hopping crazy to bond with Luke, he's practically on top of him, and Luke can't take it. When Zach freaks out telling him about a band he wants Luke to hear because he's sure Luke would like it, Luke finally has to escape to turn on the stoves.

The Gilmore ladies arrive at Mia's, where Emily barely gets inside before complaining -- there's no one there to take their coats or lead them into the house. "Not everyone can afford a maid, Mom," Lorelai reminds her, but this is nonsense to Emily: "How hard is it to hire a maid for the day?" Lorelai has to point out that they don't sell them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Mia sees them and rushes to hug Rory and Lorelai. She is gracious enough to cross to the stock-still Emily, who stands where she's rooted like she's the Queen and waits for Mia to come to her. Emily proceeds to back-handedly compliment the house, not missing a chance to refer to it as "small," but Mia brushes aside Rory and Lorelai's attempts to smooth things over and, again, is gracious. When Howard comes over and is introduced to the girls, he declares their banter exactly as Mia had always described them. "Well," Lorelai jokes, "I hope she left out the bad stuff." Mia sweetly says that there is no bad stuff. "Lucky you," Emily snarks, causing all of them to blanch. Howard saves the day, mentioning the wedding cake, and Mia asks if she can just borrow Rory and Lorelai for a moment as she finishes getting ready. "They're all yours," says Emily, and I'm sure -- at this moment, anyway -- they all wish it were true. Emily removes herself from the party, choosing to watch the ceremony from the sofa.

Later, Lorelai reads her wedding toast poem, cringing through the bad rhymes, but getting a lot of happy laughs from the gathered crowd. Emily, naturally, can't abide this, and turns to one of her fellow guests, asking him to bring her some water. He's a good Charlotte boy, clearly, and goes to get it for her instead of snapping his neck and shooting her a perfectly justified "Bitch, I ain't a butler." When he returns, he leans over to tell Rory that someone is there to see her. When she sees it's Logan, standing awkwardly in the foyer, she is irate. A note on Rory's dress: some of forumers don't like it, but I have to say, I love it. Alexis Bledel, you are terminally pretty, and big ups to whomever put you in the pretty peach. I'm all for it. Lauren Graham is wearing something that looks like she pulled it off the side of a Mardi Gras float, and though she is working it, I prefer the prettiness. Anyway, uh, Logan: he's there to apologize, he says, for being such an idiot. "This is so last year's Logan," she says. "I'm just not impressed anymore with your grand gestures. I'm in the middle of a wedding celebration of a close friend; I don't have time to stand here and listen to you explain your stupid, immature behavior." WooHOOOO! Awesome. This whole fluffy episode was worth this scene -- GO, Rory. It only took you four years, or however long you've known this fool. I mean, yes, I have come around on him; sure, sure, I like Logan; but this speech is long overdue. Just when Rory's about to kick him in the nuts, Howard comes over to tell her that the cake cutting is about to happen. He politely asks Logan to join them, but Rory says no, Logan was just leaving. Then, turning on her heel, she walks away without a look back.

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