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Back at the diner, Luke and Zach are overrun by bowling teams chowing down. Zach is flipping out because he stayed up late to make Luke a mix CD, but then forgot to bring it in. Is this supposed to be the day after we last saw them? Because they're wearing the same clothes. Anyway, Zach says he knows Luke would really love Wolf Mother, and before Luke can even get a word in, Zach follows him through the crowd to ask him, "Circumcision: yes or no?" Leaving aside a moment the forced audience contemplation of the state of Scott Patterson's wang, one soon enough realizes that Zach is talking about his soon-to-be-born sons' penises. "Penises"? "Peni"? You know what I mean. "I thought about having Mrs. Kim weigh in," he says, "but her opinion would be kinda hypothetical, since she doesn't have the goods, at least as far as I know." Luke says, you know, this kind of stuff is personal between Zach and Lane, and so Zach should just go with his gut. But, see, Zach's gut is in a seriously bad state. He is melting down. Luke finally takes him aside, saying that he knows he's panicking about all of this father stuff, but that he knows Zach can get through it. "I don't know how to throw a Frisbee!" says Zach. "I could really use your help!" He spirals, wondering what in the hell the boys are supposed to call him, anyway: "'Dad'? 'Daddy'? 'Papa'? 'Papa' is a big cuddly guy from Italy with all this dark hair! That is so not me!" Kudos to Todd Lowe-no-relation in these scenes with Luke; his freakouts actually make him charming. Luke assures him that he will find his "dad mode," just as Luke did with April, and sends Zach off to serve a table. "Guy's a real goofball, isn't he?" Customer Bill asks when Zach leaves. "Watch it, Bill," Luke snaps back, and just to show that he means it, Luke takes away his pie. "Hey," Bill says, "I'm not finished with that!" Luke: "Yeah, y'are!" Aw. Man love.

Back at Mia's wedding reception, Lorelai is cornered by a very tackily-clad guest. When he finds out that she's from Connecticut, he says he loves the foliage, but could never live there because of the cold: "Cathy says it's a circulation thing, but I think it's a matter of not having the fat layer that you women do." Lorelai says he should be glad he missed out on that whole fat layer thing; otherwise he could never have worn such an amazing sweater. Lorela is saved by Rory, who comes over to announce the arrival of cream puffs on the dessert table. When Sweater Man leaves, Rory gives her mom the lowdown on the appearance of Logan. He's outside, Rory says, leaning against the car. "Look at you, all Tough Love," says Lorelai. Rory says that if they're going to settle things between them, it will be on her terms. Lorelai is amazed and impressed, as are we all. Howard arrives, looking for a dance partner, and as she floats away, Rory insists that Lorelai go and talk to Emily, who is sitting alone, looking austere.

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