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Ladies' Night

Lorelai sucks it up and goes to talk to her mother. It goes about as well as she expected -- Emily is cold, Lorelai is defensive, and when they are interrupted by a hippie chick who used to work as a maid alongside Lorelai at the Independence, Emily is rude. The hippie is not to be set back, however, and drags Emily off to get a cup of coffee while she fulfills her herbal tea jones. Lorelai morosely goes to the bar to medicate herself with wine, where she is met by Mia. "I just always seem to forget that my mother doesn't play well with others," Lorelai says, shrugging. "Oh," Mia says, "I think she's doing all right, considering." Mia says that seeing Lorelai and Rory with Mia must bring back painful memories for Emily: "Imagine how difficult it must have been for your mother to lose you." Lorelai says that Emily didn't lose her: "I embarrassed her, so I had to leave. She was glad to get me out of the house so she wouldn't have to explain why my school uniform didn't fit anymore." Mia cringes, and says that's not the impression she got when Emily came to see her when Mia was back in Stars Hollow. Lorelai is shocked to hear of this, and says that Emily never told her. She looks so wistful as Mia goes off to dance with Howard.

Outside, Rory walks to meet Logan, who is still there, leaning on his car. She is cool to him, but he is sincerely apologetic. He admits that he went into a complete spiral over what happened with his deal. He says that his dad had every right to be mad at him, and he figured the only way he could solve it was to stop being his dad's employee: "He tried to put up a cool, detached front, but...even though he was mad, I swear I saw the slightest glimmer of pride in his eyes, just for a second. I mean, no one walks out on Mitchum Huntzberger." Rory doesn't jump up to hug Logan or anything, but she says she's proud of him, too: "I almost wish I'd saved you a bite of cake," she adds, and promptly eats the last bite on her plate.

Inside, Emily watches Rory and Logan from the window. She is joined by Mia, who is amazed that little Rory is all grown up. "She such a smart, confident young woman," says Emily. "She's really amazing. Rory will be fine." Lorelai overhears this, bringing Emily her coat, and has a proud but sad look. "Well, we should get going," she says, interrupting, "and let Mia and Howard do whatever it is they're going to do for the rest of the night." Emily admonishes her. "What?" Lorelai says. "I could mean anything." Mia says that Lorelai's right, anyway -- the bride and groom have wild plans to go straight to bed and listen to Garrison Keillor. Woo? Lorelai, to Emily: "See? Dirty mind: YOU." Emily ignores her, and takes Mia's hand. "Thank you," she says, full of meaning, "for everything." Mia smiles. "It was my pleasure."

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