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Ladies' Night

Back at Luke's, Zach thanks Luke for keeping him from flipping out about the babies. Luke assures him that if he can help, he will. Zach gets another piece of pie for Customer Bill, who insists that Luke owes him from earlier, but as he's delivering it, Zach gets the call that Lane's water has broken. He very hilariously flips out, wandering back and forth, not knowing what to do. Luke, very sweetly comes to the rescue. "That's it, folks," he announces to the restaurant, "we're closed." He grabs Zach by the shoulders, saying that he'll drive, and assuring him that his Dad Mode does not have to kick in right at that second. Luke pushes Zach out the door, yelling to the complaining Bill just to eat the whole damn pie.

It's dark at the Best Western when the Gilmore ladies arrive back. Emily walks them to the door, saying that she just wanted to do that since the hotel's in a questionable neighborhood. "Mom," Lorelai protests, "now I feel like I should walk you back to the car, and then you'll feel like you should walk me back, and then we'll be stuck in a terrible loop and neither of us is wearing the shoes for that." Hee. Rory insists that Emily come in and watch bad movies and eat vending-machine food with them; Emily watches as she races down the corridor to buy Dots and Li'l Debbies. "Oh," Lorelai says, breaking the silence between her and her mother, "I bought her a suit." Emily is quiet: "Did you?" Lorelai says she did; it was fun, sort of like a rite of passage. "I'm sure," says Emily, still in that same, sad voice. Lorelai says that it made her imagine what it would be like after Rory leaves. "Well," Emily says, "I'm sure you'll get through it." Lorelai takes a deep breath and says, to Emily's profile, "What I mean to say is, Mom, that I know it was hard for you." Emily answers only with a "hmm," and Lorelai feels the moment pass. She flips on the TV, asking if Emily's seen The Pursuit Of Happyness. Emily immediately comes into the room -- apparently, she has a thing for Will Smith. Ha! Perhaps from their past collaboration? Emily denies it, of course, but her riveted attention to the TV tells all. Rory rushes in: "Lane had her babies!" She excitedly shows them the pictures Zach just sent. "I'm sure that little camera distorts their faces," Emily says, which makes me want to punch her, but no one asks the real question of how Lane bent the space-time continuum to have two babies in, like, five minutes. "Why did they misspell 'happiness'?" Emily asks, as the movie starts. "There's your boyfriend, Mom," Lorelai jokes, and as the credits roll, three generations of Gilmore girls enjoy their fleeting time together.

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