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Upstairs, Lane has fallen asleep on the couch where she and April have been watching movie. Luke sends her home -- "Lane's awesome," April says -- and announces that he and Coach Bennett had an okay time. "So," April notices, "you're still calling her Coach Bennett." Luke says yeah, and it will probably stay that way. April says that's cool and she and dear ol' dad enjoy a true Gilmore-style meal of pizza and sticky buns.

Speaking of Gilmores and terrible food, Rory is still at the paper finishing up with her hungover staff, when Lorelai and Christopher arrive with donuts and coffee. Now we're talking. Chris takes Rory aside and apologizes for messing up with the fancy dinner and drinks. Rory assures him that it's okay and that she's not mad. "But, Dad," she says. "I think on Parents' Weekend, I would rather have just had lunch with my parents." Chris says he gets it. "Next year," he says. "Grad school Parents' Weekend!" He asks if it's all right if they hang around and watch her lock down the paper. "I don't think you can hang out," she says, innocently, "'cause you're gonna be late." Her folks look confused. Rory tells them that because of the late-breaking story, she won't be able to have dinner with her grandparents at the fancy French place, but, oops, she mentioned that Lorelai and Chris would come in her place. "You were mad," Chris says as Lorelai gasps at the evil of which her child is capable. "Oh, don't eat that donut," Rory says to her mother, "because I hear that their crème brulee is..." Lorelai gives her the hand. "Don't," she says, and cussing her, they take their lame-o selves out the door.

Next week, we are forced to watch Paris. Unfortunately, I don't mean Liza Weil. Ugh.

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