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Probably about to poke his eyes out from all the manic energy plus the coffee, Chris starts sifting through the pile of mail on the table -- Lorelai only reads her mail once a month -- and notices an invitation to Yale Parents' Weekend. He gets all excited and says he wants to go. Rather than point out that Rory is about to graduate from Yale and that this is the only time Christopher has shown much interest in being a part of her life there, Lorelai takes another tack. "Parents' Weekend is for lame-o parents whose kids hate them," she protests. "My kid likes me. Fifty-one weekends of the year is my Parents' Weekend!" His big defense is that some professor of geology is giving a tour showing off The Gemstones of Yale. "How cool does that sound?" he asks. Lorelai: "On a scale of one to two?" Hee. She says that Parents' Weekend is not an accurate representation of the school, anyway. "They make special food and they gussie the place up," she goes on. "They plant kids under trees reading Tolstoy so it all looks very collegiate and idyllic." Chris tries to tempt her further by mentioning that there's a special brunch scheduled with the Provost. Lorelai says that she's always loved the word Provost, though she doesn't really know who or what one is, though it does sound deliciously like something from the deli counter.

Lorelai asks Christopher if he really wants to go. "It's Parents' Weekend," he says. "We're Rory's parents. And we're together. And why not?" So, that's it. He wants to play Happy Family. Why doesn't she call him on it? Instead, she takes a call from their spawn, who is walking the idyllic pathways of Yale on her way to class. Rory is happy to hear that they will be coming to Parents' Weekend, and finally has to almost hang up on them when the absolute must-be-paid-by-the-word mania of Lorelai becomes too much.

Meanwhile, at the diner, Kirk hangs at the counter with Lulu, being overly quirky about the number of pats of butter to eat on his banana muffin, while Luke packs April's lunch. April runs down when her carpool arrives -- honking like the fate of the world rests on her leaving at that moment -- and Luke does the father routine, asking if she's got all her stuff. She says that she does, and races out to the blaring car. Maybe, Luke, you should worry less about whether or not she has an "extra sweater" and think about Road Rage Jones out there driving her willy-nilly through Stars Hollow. Lulu makes her own exit right after April's, and Kirk pours his troubles out once again on Luke. Lulu, he says, is smothering him. "Everywhere I go, there she is," he says. Luke looks at him, justifiably, like he's crazy, and they are interrupted when April's ride screeches back to the curb and she runs back in to get the lunch she left on the counter. Luke gives us his hundred-watt Dad Smile. Hey, everybody? We get it that Luke likes April.

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