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Rory is still at the paper, trying to lock down the front page. Her parents walk in to see her handing out orders. "I love how bossy she is," Lorelai whispers. "She's like a dictator, only cute. And non-violent. And instead of a country, she has a newspaper." When Rory's done, they give her an update on their activities of the day, including several perilous misses with various a capella groups. They announce that they're taking her to lunch at the French restaurant with the to-die-for crème brulee. "Since when do you say 'to die for'?" Rory asks her dad. Lorelai: "Since he got addicted to Project Runway." Chris: "Make it work."

Rory introduces her parents to the staff, including Paris, who kisses Lorelai on each cheek in greeting (one of my favorite moments of the ep, hands down) and tells the group that they're on the way out to lunch. The staff is visibly impressed at the restaurant choice, speaking in lauded tones about its legendary napkins and general fanciness. Sad Dad takes notice. This is his chance to shine! He invites all eight of them to join them for lunch. Rory tries to demur on everyone's behalf, saying that they probably all have plans, but of course they are eager to go.

At the restaurant, we can see why. The place is quite nice and, even better, Chris is ordering bottle after bottle of wine. I need a bottle, myself, just to get through this recap. Is it killing y'all like it's killing me? Don't answer that. Lorelai tries her French accent out on the waiter, who is less than impressed that the extent of her language skills consist of "where ees zee neareest sub-away sta-cion?" Christopher is busting out the Richie-Rich talk, going on about a ski chalet he wants to rent this season. He mentions that it's laid out sort of like Rory's apartment. None of these people have seen Rory's apartment, except Paris, so they are confused by his invitation to have them all join him on the slopes. "You don't hang out with any of these people outside the paper, do you?" Lorelai whispers to Rory. "Sorry if this lunch is weird. I feel like those lame-o parents of yore." Rory admits that yes, Christopher is trying a little hard, but it's sweet of him. She looks around the table at her drunk staff, for whom Chris is now ordering crème brulee and cognac all around. "It's great that you got to meet the whole gang before our big ski resort vacation," Rory funnily says to her mom who is also cringing at Chris's attempts at becoming buddies with everyone.

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