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It's late at Yale. Chris and Lorelai are coming out of what I assume is the field hockey game when they hear from Rory that she's still at the paper. While Lorelai is evilly glad this means the Grandparents will miss out on their dinner with her, Christopher is upset. He feels bad about boozing up Rory's staff, all because he was trying to be Super Dad. Lorelai coddles him as he goes on YET AGAIN for like the TRILLIONTH TIME, about how he's all guilty for never being there for Rory and helping her with her science projects or whatever the hell. Instead of agreeing with him, or even saying something like, I don't know, "What's done is done," Lorelai insists on making him feel better about it. Whatever. I'm sick of it -- sure, he's trying now and what's done IS done, but...isn't even David Sutcliffe tired of saying these lines by now? How many times must we hear him whine, followed by Lorelai's aw-honies? She jokingly assures him that they have years of hard parenting ahead. Rory, she says, is due for a quarter-life crisis! Yes, well, will it be worse than the one she's already had? Chris is assuaged by all this, particularly when Lorelai adds that the best part will be that they'll do all this parenting together. UGH. Auspiciously, they pass one of the many a cappella groups, who are singing their hearts out, blasting forth a multi-part arrangement of "Living on a Prayer." No kidding.

Sookie is at the Inn receiving accolades from Michel and the kitchen staff as they taste her ratatouille, made with the adulterous vegetables of another. Jackson arrives, complaining about the Bosticks, who take care of Davey and Martha during the day, and how they make him take off his shoes whenever he comes in their house. Y'all, I would not enter a house where I had to take off my shoes. Seriously, that is the height of nerve, asking someone to do that. "Next time they come over to the house," Jackson rants, "I'm gonna ask them take off their pants, or something. It's outrageous!" Agreed. Sookie says that she knows they're a little nutso. "Very nutso!" he says. "Who irons their couch?" Love it. When Sookie goes to get her coat, Jackson tries to sneak a bite of the ratatouille, she runs to stop him, saying it's a bad batch. Aw. I know it's silly, but it's sweet. I love my husband's vegetables the best, too. And by vegetables, I mean, you know...well. Let's say no more about that.

When Luke arrives back at the apartment; he smiles to see Kirk on the curb with his arm around Lulu.

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