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Panic and Freak-Outs

Lorelai finds Rory in the living room and asks her for some advice. Lorelai has fashioned a veil out of some newspaper and a headband. "Huh," Rory says. "Have you tried the Arts and Leisure section?" Lorelai says that she's trying out veil lengths and needs Rory to be serious. Rory's not sure if she can be serious when Lorelai's wearing the newspaper on her head, but she says she'll give it a try. Lorelai's wearing a shirt that's surprisingly not a part of the ensemble. It's a gray sleeveless t-shirt with fake pearls all around like six necklaces. Lorelai goes on about the different kinds of veils she can wear, and stops herself when she sees that Rory is reading her. Rory grabs the section of newspaper on Lorelai's left shoulder and says, "This Putin arms race thing is getting really crazy." I don't care if there's really an arms race. All I know is I'm very happy that Vladimir Putin has been elected to his position because no matter how grim, horrible, and disastrous the past month has been, there hasn't been a more sure-fire way to get me to giggle than by having George W. Bush say the word "Putin." He says it in that way Texans mean someone is particularly farty, and I love it. "Putin." I'm giggling now. Lorelai asks Rory to help her with the most important fashion decision she'll ever make in her lifetime. Rory suggests that Lorelai go to a wedding design place. Rory asks Lorelai to bend over so she can see the weather. It's not as dirty as it sounds. Lorelai says she already went to Marry Me-Me's, but that place got her depressed. She says if you hadn't picked out your wedding dress back when you were in junior high, it's "off-the-rack for you, Missy." Lorelai says one dress gave her a rash. "And I've got to say, does anyone miss the bustle? Because I sure haven't." Lorelai says she's going to look gross and make children laugh and Max will realize he's made a mistake. Rory says it's time to go dress shopping. Lorelai tries to talk Rory into thinking she's busy, but Rory's not giving up. They leave to go shopping. There's the Gilmore Girls introduction I'm used to. They just don't have the opening credits here.

Hey, Paris. We missed you. The Chilton girls are looking over their summer schedules. Fraulein says she might not go to college. Louisa says that Princess Grace didn't go to college. "Thank you for the history lesson, A.J. Benza," Paris drones. Fraulein tells Paris to take a chill pill. "Marry rich," Paris counters. Rory walks up at this point and Fraulein asks her whether she's taking summer classes. Paris and Louisa share looks. Fraulein asks what the problem is. Rory reminds her that they are all supposed to hate her right now. "Tristan." "P.J. Harvey," they remind her in turn. Rory says she's just going to read the board. Fraulein tells Rory that there's a Rebuilding Together thing going on tomorrow, which is basically Habitat for Humanity. Paris is way unhappy that Fraulein is inviting Rory along on the house-building community-service stuff. It looks good on your transcript, Fraulein informs Rory. Rory says she'll think about it. Paris tells Rory that she won't like it. "Because you'll be there?" Rory asks. "Yes," Paris says. "I'll think about it," Rory repeats, and walks off.

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