Gilmore Girls
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Happy Birthday, Baby!

It's Friday, and that means there's a Gilmore family dinner. Emily calls for Richard to join them because she's starving. She continues to crab, and Lorelai tells Emily to relax. Emily explains that Richard is making some dish that his grandmother used to make for him, because he had a craving. Lorelai understands cravings. Richard calls in and says that his recipe is a family secret, and Emily reminds him that she's family. Rory protests that her grandfather is having fun and Emily complains that she saw "an open can of cream of mushroom soup" and "nothing good can come of that." She clearly has never had my Heart Attack Hash Brown Casserole. I do find it odd that Richard's grandmother made casseroles -- you don't really think of those as rich people food. Although maybe she was not so rich, and the family fortune was made in Richard's father's generation. I'm overthinking this. Richard arrives, proudly bearing his casserole. Rory says it smells good, and Richard dishes some out while explaining that his grandmother used to make it for him when he was feeling sad, like "if [his] cricket team lost or a girl [he] fancied turned up her nose at [him]." Did he grow up in Victorian England? Lorelai orders him to load up her plate, pretending that some chick dissed her earlier. Emily wants Richard to let the maid serve the food. Lorelai is shocked that her "lesbian hilarity" passed uncommented. Well, "hilarity" might be a little strong there. Richard says that the maid will dish out tiny servings, but "Johnny Machete needs to presented in a heap." Emily explains that "this vile concoction" is called Johnny Machete. Lorelai and Rory think the food is great, but Emily keeps bitching about it, because it looks like someone already ate it. ["I wished I'd watched this episode with my mom, because the casserole he made totally looked like this 'dish' she used to make for us when she was a poor student/struggling single mother. She called it 'glop,' because that's what it looked like. The ingredients changed depending on what she happened to have on hand, but cream of mushroom soup and corn were almost always present. When my mom was first seeing my dad, she made it for him, and he was so horrified (he says now) that he resolved he had to marry her so he could rescue me from glop. I always really liked it, though." -- Wing Chun] Richard is pissed, and Emily apologizes and compromises by promising to take three bites of the food before throwing it out. I thought she was all about manners. She should know that you should pretend to enjoy it and then push it around your plate to make it look like you ate a lot, then secretly feed it to the dog. Or the garbage disposal.

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