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Previously: when Rory let him drive, Jess crashed the car CuteDean made. Lorelai blamed Luke for all of this. Rory still hasn't told CuteDean everything that happened. Lorelai and Luke fought. Luke shipped Jess off to New York. The world celebrated Babette's line, "Jess is gone." They use a different take of this scene in the "previously"s. I wonder when Christopher went home.

Lorelai and Rory are walking to Luke's in the morning. Rory's in her Chilton uniform. Lorelai asks if she's tilting. Rory says she isn't. Lorelai thinks she is. She asks if Rory wants to hold Lorelai's purse to even her out. Rory asks her mother to stop teasing the injured. Lorelai digs through her purse to find a pen to place on Rory's head in order to see if it rolls off. She hands her a book instead -- The Little Locksmith, it sounds like. Lorelai says she paid full-price for it, as well, at the bookstore, so Rory should be happy. Rory doesn't like used books, or wants to support local bookstores? No, that's not true, since she bought a stack of books from the library sale. Maybe Rory hates internet bookstores. Regardless, what's up with the politics all of a sudden? Rory says she feels better. Lorelai asks if she can put that pen on Rory's head now. Rory says no. She asks Lorelai what happened with Luke. Lorelai says nothing really happened. It was just a little thing: "A thinglet." Rory says they don't have thinglets very often. Lorelai says thinglets are a part of being a grownup. Rory keeps pestering, and Lorelai politely asks her to stop asking about it. Rory asks if they're on their way to Luke's. They are. Rory asks if they'll get a seat. Lorelai says they will. Rory asks if they'll have rapid, free refills. Lorelai says they might be back to that in a month. She says that she and Luke have fought before, and will fight again. Lorelai and Rory will go in today, and Luke will be crabby and Lorelai will be adorable and he'll forgive her and the fight will be history.

Lorelai stops talking when she sees that Luke's is closed. Kirk is unhappy, standing at the doorway, informing Lorelai that Luke's is closed. "Gone Fishing," the sign on the door reads. Lorelai asks if Kirk's sure Luke's is closed. Kirk says that first he read the sign on the door, and then he tried the door just in case it was all a ruse. "To keep only you out?" Lorelai asks. "There's precedent," Kirk answers. Lorelai thinks it's just great that Luke took a break when he needed it. Kirk complains that he has blood-sugar issues. Rory whines that this is all her fault, and Lorelai cuts her off in tiny sentences, insisting all the while that Rory's wrist has nothing to do with this. Why is everyone just standing around? Aren't there other diners around? Al's Pancake World or something? Doesn't anyone in this town cook? Kirk rattles the door and says that he left his wallet in there yesterday. Lorelai pats Rory on the back, and they walk away.

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