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At the end of this recap I will post the email I recently received concerning a dream about Gustave and me. Stay tuned.

Previously: Richard gave Lorelai money. Jess met his dad. Yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling. Jess skipped town.

At Fran's bakery, Lorelai and Rory discuss phrases they may or may not need to learn in foreign tongues for their upcoming trip to Europe, like "Does Antonio Banderas live near here?" Lorelai knows that in France she'll need to know "Does Johnny Depp live hear here?" I hope Lorelai emails me that one when she learns it. Rory: "In Rome, does Gore Vidal live near here?" Lorelai: "You look like me, yet my ways are completely lost on you." Hee. Lorelai tells Rory to take a study break, but Rory reminds us all that she has finals coming up (since those mid-terms were two weeks ago), and has no time for other things, like the piece of pie sitting beside her. Lorelai wonders if she needs to know how to say "Help, I'm bleeding from the head." Rory says they'll just pack the phrase books, an idea Lorelai doesn't like. Lorelai doesn't want to lug around a bunch of heavy books. Does she not realize that Rory will probably go location reading -- reading books set in each city she's visiting? Rory takes a five-minute pie break (dirty!) as Lane enters. Lane has brochures from her college. She's really super-chipper about going to the Seventh-Day Adventist college MamaLane wants. She's decided to make the best of it by looking on the bright side of things, finding the silver lining, and making lemonade out of it. The girls agree that the campus is really pretty. Lane says that there are two huge parks with lakes (one park for boys, one for girls). The curfew is up to 9:30 PM -- 9:45 for Masters students. Makeup is permitted as long as it matches skin tone perfectly. Owning a Rolling Stones CD is no longer grounds for expulsion; you can work off the demerits in the campus clean-up crew. Lorelai: "There's a separate park for boys?" Lane: "My life is over." Lane takes the brochures back as the girls try to tell her that it's not that bad. I still don't really understand why Lane is doing this to herself. As Lane runs away, we can see where they pinned the back of her shirt to her pants so you couldn't see her body mic...or maybe her ass crack. The pants are a little low. Rory tells Lorelai that Lane's life isn't over. Lorelai says that every kid in the brochure looked panicked and awkward, like the Academy Award audience during Michael Moore's speech. Rory tells Lorelai to add the phrase "Just sit there and look pretty" to her list. Lorelai remembers another one: "Does that sexy guy in the Peugeot ad who had a small part in Armageddon live near here?" Rory keeps her mouth shut and we go to opening credits.

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