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Lorelai is in her room wrestling on some very cute pink cowgirl boots while Rory tries out her mom's brand-new bathroom and is apparently so enthralled that she is (for once) speechless. "Hey," Lorelai says, "make an occasional noise so I know you didn't pull an Elvis." Rory laughs and says she loves the bathroom, and that Lorelai is welcome to come in and use the other sink. Lorelai had forgotten about that perk: "Look at this, two sinks. I'm so decadent. I could brush my teeth over this one and spit into that one." Rory says that the bathroom is now her favorite room in the world, besides the reading room at the British Museum. Lorelai says that Paul Anka loves the new bathroom as well. Rory laughs: "You ever hear that tape of him chewing out his band after a show? 'When I move, I slice like a hammer! The guys get shirts!'" Y'all, please click and listen to it. You will lose your minds. Lorelai reminds Rory that that is the human Paul Anka, not the dog, and that the latter is just hiding until he is sure Rory is not going to break his heart or eat his pigs' ears.

Rory doesn't have time to mess with Paul Anka's emotional problems, though. She whips out her list of stuff she has to do that day. She has already knocked out one task: her engine light was on, and she went down to Gypsy's first thing to get it fixed. "There was only one other annoying early bird ahead of me," she says, "but I bribed Gypsy with a pack of Rolos, and she took me first." Lorelai nods: "She is such a Rolo whore." Rory's list includes a bunch of other tasks: some community service, unpacking, further harassing the people at the newspaper, annoying Yale, etc., so she heads downstairs to get started...

...where she finally encounters Paul Anka who is sitting on the coffee table. Rory calls Lorelai down to consult on how to best approach the crazy dog. Lorelai tells her that she needs to hurry to the kitchen and put sugar on her toes. Rory is skeptical, but Lorelai insists that Paul Anka loves sugar and that, for their first meeting, if Rory puts sugar on her toes for him to lick, they'll be friends forever. It's very cute, especially when Rory buys it and runs to the kitchen to pour sugar on her foot. Lorelai calls out that she should wet her toes first, so that the sugar will stick: "Dry sugar on a dry toe isn't going to work!" Rory sighs, "Oh, geez," and complies, getting sugar all over the floor and herself and heading back out to the living room. "Okay," Lorelai says, "now do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around! All you have to do is pet him and you're IN!" Rory is flabbergasted and accuses Lorelai of being evil. Rory ought to learn to take a page out of her mom's book, here. Sugared toes are a much funnier joke than all the crap she's been doing all season.

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