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How Many Kropogs To Cape Cod?

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"My Boyfriend's a Kleptomaniac! Cute!"

Cut to Rory's bedroom. The alarm says it's twelve-thirty, and Rory is soundly asleep. Lorelai shakes her awake to say that she wants to go to the dinner. She doesn't think it's fair that Richard and Emily get to meet Richie before Lorelai does. Rory says she didn't think Lorelai would want to go to Richard and Emily's place, not to mention the fact that Lorelai didn't seem very happy that Rory and Richie were dating in the first place. Lorelai says that if Richie is in Rory's life, then she wants to know him. Rory says that, in that case, she'd love for Lorelai to be at the dinner. "Good! You call Grandma for me," Lorelai says, and tries to beat a hasty retreat. The memory of sweater un-returning still fresh in her mind, Rory says that if Lorelai wants to come to dinner, she can call Emily herself. Lorelai says she can't, because she isn't talking to Emily. Rory says that if Lorelai goes to the dinner, she'll have to talk to Emily, so what's the difference? Lorelai says that she was planning on avoiding Emily for the entire dinner and concentrating on Richie. Rory won't back down, and kicks Lorelai out of the room so that she can sleep. Lorelai sulks out, turning the lights on and, then, when Rory yells at her, off as she exits. Hee. But I do agree with Rory here: Lorelai needs to be more aggressive and less passive. And there should be less making her daughter do her dirty work for her.

Rory has elected to wear a black suit to her internship. Looks kind of Lois Lane-y to me, Rory, but what do I know? Where I live, it's unusual to find anyone in the office wearing clothes that aren't fashionably disheveled. ["Yeah, me too." -- Wing Chun] Rory meets the receptionist, who has the voice of a bullfrog and the disposition to match. Rory talks a mile a minute trying to introduce herself, and Frogceptionist gives her a temporary ID and tells her to go talk to Harry. Rory is thrilled that she'll be getting a photo ID, saying she's never had one before. That's not necessarily true when you count her driver's license, passport, and Yale student ID, but I think she's talking about a job photo ID. I remember being similarly excited about my first job photo ID, until I saw the picture of me they used for it, which was taken at 7 in the morning on orientation day. I spent more time making sure it was turned around so that my picture wasn't showing than I did on my actual job. So expect disappointment, Rory! "I'll take good care of it!" she nerds. Frogceptionist takes a phone call, wisely making herself unavailable for any more of Rory's questions.

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