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I know that this is one of the best shows on television, but it was very frustrating to have this season be so up and down in terms of quality. That's really all I have to say as I look down the barrel of the season finale.

We open on a picture of Sookie and Jackson, in what I guess is their wedding announcement? Yikes. Sookie's holding a giant cake and Jackson's got a bunch of bananas in his grip. Like, "Hey! Fat Girl and the Loony, Gettin' Hitched!" We pan across the dining hall at the Independence Inn. Sookie's wedding decorations are strewn about. Lots of flowers. Pink. Tangerine of some kind. Tons of flowers. Billie Holliday is wailing "I Can't Get Started." Lorelai and Rory are depressed. So depressed that Rory's got her face down on her arm. Why is she still wearing a cast? Two weeks goes by slowly when they want it to. I wonder if Alexis actually hurt her arm and they had to write this entire plot around it so the cast made sense. Michel, as well, has his head in his hand. Strange, you'd think he'd dance to sad music. Oh, Michel. I bet you're so upset about that last Destiny's Child album, This is the Remix. Because I want to find Beyoncé and get my money back. Sookie is lost in her own world, listening to the song. She just loves it. They press "pause" on the CD, and Sookie asks if everyone loves it as much as she does. Nobody does. Lorelai tells Sookie that she can't walk down the aisle to a song about a woman who can't make her relationship work and whose life is full of emptiness. Sookie says that it's Ella Fitzgerald, but I'm not so sure. It really sounds like Billie Holliday. Sookie laughs and says nobody listens to the lyrics. She just thinks the song is pretty. Rory finds a pile of alternate CDs and sorts through them. The other song choices: "Hey, Jude"; "Seasons in the Sun"; "Cats In the Cradle"; and "Don't Cry Out Loud." For each sad song, Sookie has a reason to love it and cherish it close to her heart. I can't even imagine a ceremony where someone walks down the aisle to "Cats In the Cradle."

Michel has a suggestion: "Okay, here we go. How 'bout I leave?" Lorelai says that she's in the wedding, so Michel has to run the wedding all by himself. Lorelai points out that Michel's never run a wedding before. Michel scoffs at the notion that he couldn't hit "play" on time. I thought Emily pointed out how unlikely someone would be able to hit "play" at the right time, anyway. And I'd have to agree. Most of the weddings I've seen where someone was playing a CD, the CD had to be stopped and started several times to get all of the cues right. It's much easier to have a live performer, even if the dude's on a Casio keyboard. Rory gives an eleventh-hour offer to have her and Lane come up with a few more choices that aren't so "Girl, Interrupted." Sookie, for some reason, agrees to let someone else decide another important aspect of her wedding. Lorelai asks Michel how the RSVP list is coming. Michel gives the best lines of the show: "Well, I must say this has been especially challenging for me. I mean, when you are talking about a wedding with up to forty people all within a five-mile radius? How can one person be expected to keep track of all of that? I mean, it got a little hairy there for a moment. I almost had to use a second sheet of paper, even." Hee. Lorelai says she's not going to let Michel annoy her out of the job. "Oh, we'll see," he smiles as he walks off.

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