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Outside Emily's, Rory is still moaning and whining that she had no idea Paris would be so upset and that she had no idea that Paris thought Rory was her best friend. I'm getting so sick of Rory's fake innocence, how she never realizes the awful situations she puts people in, like having her boyfriends co-exist, or making her mom talk to Emily when she doesn't want to, or making Lane not stick up for her when Jess got a new car. I'm so sick of it. Lorelai suggests that Rory go back to school tomorrow and let Paris stab her. So what day is it? Gah.

Emily answers the door and lets the girls in. Lorelai asks if she should arrange a sit-down. There's more gangster humor as the housekeeper takes Lorelai's coat. Lorelai and Rory sit down. Lorelai notices that Emily's being a little quiet. Emily says she's probably being a little quiet, since she doesn't have a lot to say: "I know, why don't I read to you instead?" Emily has a copy of Lorelai's deposition. "Listen," she says. "It's fun." The first question: "Would you say your mother is a tolerant woman?" Who asked these questions? Emily's lawyer, or the housekeeper's? Lorelai moans and groans as Emily reads everything with a smile frozen on her face. Lorelai's answer: "Um, well, sure." This begins the debate about whether or not Lorelai has a sarcastic "sure." Rory's input: "Pick spot on carpet and stare." When Lorelai was asked why Emily had fired maids in the past, Lorelai said there are different reasons, and that they'd need to have most of their afternoons cleared if they wanted to hear all of them. Also, Lorelai wonders why they named the sport "Squash." Lorelai says she was flustered by his lawyer tricks. Emily says that this was important, but for some reason Lorelai couldn't find it inside her heart to put aside her personal antagonism for one day to help Emily out. Lorelai? Think of someone else's needs? Are you kidding? Lorelai says this isn't fair, and that she said nice things about Emily in there. When Lorelai was asked whether Emily had an unattainable set of standards that set people up to fail, she answered, "Only for her daughter." Brooke apologizes for the interruption, and announces that dinner is ready. Lorelai tells her to keep it warm; it's going to be a long time. Emily flips to find the part where Lorelai mentioned Ben-Hur. Rory gives Lorelai a look. "Yeah, I did," Lorelai pouts.

Chilton cafeteria. The blood drive is in full swing, and for some reason, there's no callback to Fraulein's fear of the word "blood." Rory sits by herself, reading a book. Paris, Fraulein, and Louisa walk in and openly dis Rory by sitting at another table. The girls at the other table are like, "Um, hello?" We already saw all of this with The Puffs. Then a paper airplane lands in Rory's food. It says "Leper." I say "Whatever." ["Seriously. Rory obviously doesn't give a rat's ass about Paris or else she would have told her about Francie. And she doesn't need school friends; she has plenty of friends back home in Stars Hollow to ignore and screw over." -- Wing Chun] Rory listens to her CD player.

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