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Jackson comes home to see that Sookie has fixed his favorite dinner -- beef jerky and fried marshmallow pie -- and is playing his favorite band, CCR, even though she doesn't even like CCR. Jackson smiles and wonders why she would do all of these things. He quickly gasps. "YOU CHEATED ON ME!" he screams, and I have my only real laugh this entire episode. Sookie explains that she accidentally flirted, and the fighting and wailing begins. "You ruined Creedence for me!" Jackson screams. Hasn't two days passed since Sookie accidentally flirt-cheated on Jackson?

Rory tells Lorelai that she's going to bed. Lorelai asks why Rory would go to bed at 9:30. Rory says that going all day without talking to anybody is more tiring than one would think. "I hate those girls," Lorelai says. Rory says it was actually a pleasant change not to start a meal with a recitation of the calorie content of the table. Rory says good night.

The phone rings. At 9:30? It's Alex Lesman, the scruffy Learning Center man. We see an intercut of him sitting in what looks exactly like Christopher's apartment before Christopher moved in with Sherri. Where the hell is little Gigi, anyway? Shouldn't that kid be a couple of months old now? Just dropping that entire storyline, I guess -- Rory having a sister and everything. Whatever. Anyway, Alex likes to talk in a rapid monotone without any real pauses or intonations. He tells Lorelai that a French guy at the hotel gave him her number and that Alex shouldn't worry what hour of the day or night to call. Is Michel still at the Inn? He keeps horrible hours. Alex and Lorelai make some small talk about coffee, and Alex asks Lorelai out on a date this Saturday. Lorelai accepts the date. Alex points out that this is indeed a date. As Lorelai and Alex discuss possible names for their chain of coffee houses, we're forced to stand outside in the cold, outside the window, watching Lorelai talk by her roaring fire. Gosh, it's cold out here. And it's hard to hear what they're saying on the phone. We're getting further and further away, too. What? I can't's so cold! Hello!? Bye, Lorelai! Hope you resolve one of the plot points next week, since none of them were finished up this week! Your mom's right! You were wrong! I hope you apologize to her! And it's okay if we never talk about Francie again! And...can you still hear me? Anyway, I miss Luke! But thanks for the Jess break! Hello? Lorelai? Why does Sookie hate her husband?

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