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Why bother with these establishing shots, if they're going to look so lame? Really. There's a picture of Independence Inn here, and someone's Photoshopped some white dots on it to look like snow. It looks like an animatronic Rudolph is about to trot jerkily across the lawn. Sookie is screaming at Jackson; nearby, Lorelai is listening in full giggles, enjoying a cup of coffee. Sookie is unhappy with what Jackson has brought her kitchen this week. Michel enters the kitchen, upset that Lorelai didn't call him as soon as the bickering began. Sookie and Jackson scream at each other for a little while about how Jackson doesn't bring what Sookie asks him to bring. Jackson says the Brussels sprouts weren't good enough, so he brought some other kind of fancy vegetable instead. Sookie asks why he always does this to her. Jackson asks why it doesn't mean anything to her that he'd suffer through this argument because he cares so much about the quality of the produce. Sookie calls Jackson "Super Jackson and his Atomic Pea Tendrils." The fighting goes on and on until they decide its over, at which point they kiss and coo that they'll see each other at home. Lorelai cheers that the fight always ends the same way. Do you guys find this endearing? I wonder if even a single day goes by when Jackson and Sookie aren't fighting. I wish we got to see them be in love every once in a while.

Michel and Lorelai go through some unimportant hotel chatter (like how Michel will have to show some inspector around because she's busy tomorrow. Is tomorrow Sunday? Why's an inspector coming on a Sunday?) to get us to remember that Lorelai and Sookie are planning on starting their own inn, and are taking a weekend class in hotel management at the Learning Center. "How to run an inn!" Lorelai cheers. "Yes, it's amazing you've been able to fake it so long," Michel says. Lorelai reminds us all that this class is for people who want to open small hotels and B&Bs. This delights Michel tremendously, since Lorelai and Sookie are basically taking a rip-off Sally Struthers-like class "at a Radisson." Hee. Sookie runs up and adds that Jackson's taken many Learning Center courses and loves them. He took a course in beekeeping once, but it turned out that he was allergic. A bee stung him and his lip swelled up and his head swelled up to three times its normal size. Michel asks for photographs. Sookie says that Jackson took a class in how to buy foreclosed real estate (foreshadowing!) and how to write a diary. "He's a searcher," Sookie says. Michel predicts that tomorrow will be a complete waste of time and money. He says he can't wait to laugh at them when they return. As he walks away, Lorelai thanks him for his support. Lorelai asks Sookie for the pictures of Jackson's giant head. Sookie promises to bring them tomorrow.

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