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Hee. The establishing shot of Chilton with all this Photoshopped snow makes it look like Hogwarts On Ice. Rory walks into the empty Student Council Classroom (since that seems to be its only purpose) and says hello to Paris. Paris is looking through the write-in votes for commencement speaker. She asks if the ones for Princess Diana's butler are jokes or real. Rory guesses that they're jokes, but that the ones for Dr. Phil are probably real. Paris says she knew the suggestion box was a bad idea: "Watch Choate get Joan Didion while we're being read Eloise at the Plaza." Rory asks what they're going to do about the prom coup Francie staged last week. "Why does one pinhead always have to vote for Jerry Garcia?" Paris wonders. Ha. Paris calmly explains that she already took care of everything with regard to the prom, called the Wadsworth Mansion in question, and got them to knock down the asking price by half (since "most of those biddies couldn't negotiate an icy sidewalk"). This ensures both that "Ginger Spice can have her Barbie Dream Prom" and that a telescope will be the senior class gift. Rory complains about Francie. Paris says that any loser can call a meeting, but it's "that loser Mr. Hunter" who's the real problem. I totally agree with Paris, here. ["Me too, and so does my sister, for what it's worth." -- Wing Chun] What a shitty advisor to let that coup happen. "He's been jealous of me since I got into office," Paris explains. Apparently, every time Paris announces that she has a new subject to introduce, he flinches. She thinks it's creepy that he's scared of her. Francie walks in and bitches a hello. "That girl bugs me," Rory moans. Paris tells Rory to relax: "She's harmless." Mr. Hunter walks in at this point and says hello to the girls. "Bed-wetter," Paris quietly snaps back.

The girls sit and call the meeting to order. Paris apologizes for missing the "somewhat impromptu" meeting. She explains that the entire meeting was rather strange, since it was a supplementary meeting -- a meeting of the kind Paris created, so it seems strange that there would have even been such a meeting without her. She calls it "mutinous, insulting, and underhanded." She also adds that it was fruitless, since she's already taken care of all the mess it created. Paris calls Mr. Hunter "Mr. Christian." He stammers in confusion. Francie gives a speech about what Health Week is and how suddenly Chilton is All About Health. Blah blah blah, Rory won't let Francie have the cafeteria for the blood drive, just because. Even Paris is like, "What's the problem?" But Rory's being stubborn, and won't let Francie have something she wants. Paris tells Francie (I didn't get the Paris, France thing until you did, Wing ["heh" -- Wing Chun]) to find another place. I do wonder why Rory hasn't even mentioned to Paris what was going on with Francie. Who's it helping to keep it quiet? Shouldn't they both be aware of what's happening to thwart all of Francie's future coup attempts? Whatever. Aren't we all sick of this subplot? It's not fun. I said it in the recaplet, but there's nothing at stake here, and it makes for boring television. Even if Rory was kicked off the student council, she's already made her college applications. It won't make a difference at all. Anyway, Fraulein screams her ass off when Francie says the word "blood," so that they can add a scream in the commercials for this episode. Apparently, Fraulein is afraid of the word "blood" and can't stand hearing about it. Eh. Mr. Hunter, maybe this would be a good time to establish some order in the classroom. No? Well, never mind. Go have a smoke break. Even the actors in the scene are like, "This scene is lame. Let's say everything as fast as we can and get it over with." This scene just fades out with Rory and Francie sharing hate glares.

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