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Joe goes back to reminiscing with Sookie. Dude. This is a long scene. More reminiscing. Lorelai looks as uncomfortable as I am. Lorelai tries to get Alex to play catch-up with her, pretending they share a common friend named Fat Sal. But Alex, he's slow on the uptake, and doesn't get it right away. So boring. Why don't they just go and get a cup of coffee instead of being rude outside the seminar doors? "This is getting exhausting," Alex says. Amen. Joe asks Sookie out on a date, kind of, and Sookie tells him where they work, which is code for "I'm seeing someone, but here's how you can reach me without my boyfriend finding out." I do like that they're making everyone hold coats since it's winter outside. That's a nice touch. The pairs split and walk in different directions. Alex and Lorelai share a lingering look as Sookie and Joe babble about how great it was to see each other.

Chilton cafeteria. "[indistinct conversations]" says my closed captioning. Paris and Rory sit at a table. Paris is complaining that they put too much gravy on her potato, so now there's gravy on her asparagus. She refuses to be treated like some prisoner. Paris leaves to go complain. Rory says she'll save Paris's seat. As Rory's head is turned away, a paper airplane flies into her tray, landing right in front of her. Rory slowly opens the plane. It says "WE NEED TO MEET. WRITE DOWN A TIME AND PLACE." Rory looks around and sees nobody. Hoping it's Jess, I guess, and not Francie, who it obviously is, Rory scribbles something on the plane. There's a crashing noise from behind. Paris storms up and announces that they took her tray. Rory looks back at the table to find that the paper plane is gone. Paris realizes that perhaps they took her tray because she insulted their hairnets. Paris asks to eat Rory's lunch. Rory -- whose spine looks like it could use more calcium as it is -- moves her tray over to Paris.

What. Ever. Of all the places Rory could pick, I guess she chose a parking garage. A mostly empty parking garage. Where? I don't know. It doesn't matter. On the Warner Brothers lot. Rory stands alone for a while. Then suddenly, a match is struck. Francie stands behind Rory. I've never seen All the President's Men, but I know what's happening. Francie has lit her eyeliner pencil, and then applies it to her face as she calmly tells Rory that she wants a truce. Rory wouldn't have picked this place if she weren't feeling guilty about talking to Francie in the first place. Francie says this is her senior year too, and she doesn't want to spend the entire time fighting. Poor Rory sure didn't have a very good high-school experience. Her senior year is almost over and what does she have to show for it? A handful of newspapers, a couple of yearbooks, and a totaled car. She should have gone on vacations, on field trips, done a play...something. It's over. It's just over. All that's left is prom. What a waste. She's only got, like, three friends. It's sad, is what it is. Even sadder is Francie quoting The Godfather, since this tedious storyline has yet to show improvement. Rory and Francie share a deliberate handshake. Francie disappears during a car alarm. "Stop doing that!" Rory whines.

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