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Back at the kitchen, I guess Joe just put his hands into every pot (Dirty!) and changed how Sookie likes to cook things and changed her recipes and dump him, Sookie. Get him out of your workplace. Anyway, Sookie stammers an apology, and explains that she's not going on a date with him, on account of the fact that she's married. She realizes that she's not wearing a ring, and goes to get it from the wall. We watch it happen, so I'm wondering if this is a bit of foreshadowing as well, as this is twice Sookie's been without her wedding band. ["I can see the logic of her taking it off to cook, since that would get her hands all dirty." -- Wing Chun] Sookie puts the ring on now and shows Joe her finger. "Here!" Sookie says. "Let me give you some money!" That cracks me up. She opts to go on a double date with him later -- Sookie, Jackson, Joe, and Joe's boyfriend. Sookie walks Joe out.

We follow the longest goodbye ever, where Sookie makes another inside joke that we don't get because we weren't there when these two people knew each other. Is this Joe going to stick around and steal Sookie away from Jackson? Is that what all of this was for? Because if so, I hate it. They hug goodbye. Joe stiltedly says, "I guess this'll teach me not to wait ten years next time." He promises to give her a call soon, to steal her away from her husband. Lorelai watches him leave. Lorelai notes that Joe's smiling, and says she knew it was nothing to get worked up over. "I'M A WHORE!" Sookie shouts. Hee.

Stars Hollow. Rory and Lorelai pass the world's fakest snowman as Rory goes over the questions they're going to ask Lorelai for the deposition. Lorelai complains about the studying. The first question asks Lorelai to describe the way her mother runs her household. Lorelai makes a reference to the rowing scene in Ben-Hur, but then asks if she should amend that to the "Express Yourself" video. The next is, "Would you say that your mother is an easy woman to get along with?" Lorelai quickly says no. Rory accuses Lorelai of not taking this seriously. Lorelai says she is taking it seriously, and that she can't believe that Rory wants her to lie. Rory says that Lorelai doesn't have to lie; she just has to be choosy with how she tells the truth. Lorelai is wearing a scarf that must be fifteen feet long, since it's down to her feet on both sides and wrapped around her neck once. Rory suggests, "My mother is a perfectionist." Lorelai asks if Rory's going to visit her in jail. Rory promises she will. Just as they're about to arrive at Luke's, Luke himself walks out the front door. He says they're out of food and he needs to run over to Doose's to tide them over until tomorrow. Lorelai asks how he could be out of food. "Well, it starts with the words, 'Hey, Jess, you do the ordering this week?' and ends with me selling Kirk a lettuce sandwich." Lorelai says they'll need burgers. Rory adds tater tots. And pickles. Luke starts writing it all down. They ask for pie. "Cherry!" Rory says, reminding us once again about her own. "And whipped cream," Lorelai says. "And dental floss. And paper towels. And People magazine." This time, the joke was better. Should have cut the earlier one about the lawyer and the ice cream. Luke leaves.

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