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Back at the hospital, Lorelai leaves another message for the absent Christopher. She sadly mentions to the uncaring voicemail how small Richard looks in his hospital bed. She remembers, she says, a time when she was a child and climbed a tree from which she saw Richard walking into the house. "He looked so small," she remembers. "It was so strange to see him look like that." She sighs and asks Christopher, again, to call her when he gets these messages.

When Lorelai hangs up, she gets a call from an obviously worried Sookie at the Inn: "How are you? How is everything? What can I do?" Lorelai tiredly gives her the update and Sookie asks again what she can do. She says that she made a bunch of desserts and is sending over a basket right now. (My best friend's mother did the same thing when my father died. I opened the door to find her standing there with her arms full of Tupperware. "I heard about Bill," she said. "And I just started baking." May everyone be blessed with such caring confectioners in their times of need.)

Michel comes into the kitchen and leans over Sookie, worried about Lorelai. They have an irritating conversation with Sookie as the go-between and somehow Sookie, who has access to some very expensive cutlery, does not stab Michel.

Speaking of stabbing, the nursing staff at the hospital is considering using that method on Emily, who has commandeered the nursing station to realign her and Richard's social calendar. She has a downright giddy phone call with the maître d' at their favorite restaurant, telling him that she will have to change their reservations due to Richard's suddenly being called out of town on business. Lorelai is mortified at Emily's chipper demeanor. "Oh, please," Emily rolls her eyes. She says that she's spent years cultivating her relationship with this restaurant, Persephone's: "I'm hardly going to let it all go down the drain in one night." It occurs to her that they should have eaten there more often, given Persephone's excellent seafood menu, particularly their cedar plank salmon. This gets Emily thinking again about the many benefits of healthy Omega-3s, including how it makes the skin "positively glow." Lorelai looks at Emily, confused: "Beauty tips [are] not really high on my list of priorities right now, Mom."

Back in the waiting room, Rory updates Logan on Paris's Operation Finish Line: "So, I told Paris, 'I don't care if it would theoretically increase my chances of getting a grant to go study in Russia, I'm not willing to pretend to be an accomplished rhythmic gymnast!'" Y'all, do you not love rhythmic gymnastics? Screw that balance beam stuff! I could whirl some ribbons around, no problem. Shoot, sometimes, when intoxicated, AB Chao and I have been known to jitterbug, and I can easily sling her around my head while she does flips in the manner of a Russian. Well, while she drinks a White Russian. See you at the summer Olympics! We're going to blow them away! Rory can't help noticing that Logan's phone is practically buzzing off the table, but he won't answer it: "I'll text them back in a minute. Rory, right now I don't need to do anything but be right here with you." Rory is touched: "Well, you know who's going to be mad at me? Paris. Because right now I'm missing a GRE prep course and tea with the Branford librarian."

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