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Lorelai continues to follow Emily around the hospital as she blathers about her schedule, particularly the book club meeting she'll be missing, which is something of a relief, since she didn't read the assigned book: "Whatever gives Susannah Shaw the idea that the rest of us share her barbaric interest in Cormac McCarthy is beyond me." Here, I had to pause the Tivo to listen to my husband's now infamous mini-lecture on the evils of Cormac McCarthy and how he is destroying historical literature or something. I don't know, people. He's been in grad school for nearly four years now. I surely cannot be expected to give even half a damn at this point. Emily is momentarily distracted from her appointment book when she and Lorelai turn the corner and see Luke at the nurses' station. "Oh, no," Emily drones. "Not him again. What's he doing here?" She wanders off as Luke approaches Lorelai, telling her that he heard about Richard from Babette and just came straight to the hospital: "Now that I'm here, I realize I might be in the way, but if there's anything I want to do, I want to do it." Aw. Luke says that he doesn't want to cause any problems or anything. "I mean," he explains, "I don't want to make him feel..." Lorelai interrupts that Christopher hasn't arrived yet: "But, I'm sure he'll be here any second." She thanks him for coming, but says that there's nothing he can really do. "Yes, there is," Emily says, suddenly interrupting. She basically commands Luke to drive to Yale and pick up Richard's car. Lorelai frantically insists that that's too much to ask, but Luke says that it's no problem. Actually, it will no doubt be kind of an ordeal for him. Lorelai, humiliated that Emily is ordering Luke around -- Emily even asks Luke to fill Richard's tank with gas, insisting that he get the highest grade -- repeats that Luke does not have to do any of this. "Seriously," Luke assures Lorelai, "it's no problem." Even when Emily reminds Luke that the Jaguar is a fine European car and "not a lawnmower," Luke kindly insists that he's happy to help; he won't even take any money for the gas. "Oh," Emily adds, "if you don't mind terribly, I need someone to make sure that the path to the front door is shoveled." Lorelai: "Mother! Stop!" Fortunately for Luke, before Emily can command him to repaint the garage or something, she is interrupted by a call from the fish man. "Sorry," Lorelai apologizes awkwardly to Luke. "She read an article about how fish can prevent heart attacks, and now she thinks it's the key to everything." Luke sweetly says that fish is good, and Lorelai watches him go with a wistful smile.

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