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Luke makes it out just in time, as a matter of fact, because as she hangs up her call, Emily insists that Lorelai run after him to have him meet the fish man at the house with a check. Lorelai refuses, saying that Luke has been asked to do way too much already. "Well," Emily shrills, "this is important." Lorelai still doesn't understand what is going on with Emily and this whole fish thing, incredulously asking, "It's important to have fish at the house right now?" Rory steps in, no doubt defusing a Gilmorian showdown, and volunteers herself and Logan to go meet the fish man at the house and pick up some of Richard's stuff while they're there. "Wait a minute," says Lorelai. "I'll do that. You pay the fish man and I'll get some of Grandpa's stuff! Then you have a job and I have a job." Rory tells her that going to the house is one job and that she can handle it. Plus, she adds, "somebody needs to stay here and look after Grandma." Lorelai sighs: "Fine." Rory starts to say that if Lorelai really wants her to stay, she will, but Lorelai reluctantly declines: "No, fine. She's my mother." Rory: "Well, you're my mother." Lorelai: "Exactly! It's a tangled web." (Oh, I feel you, Lorelai. It so is. In fact, my own grandmother just got out of the hospital, and the hourly calls of rage I get from my mother are somewhat Gilmore-esque, usually culminating in such pronouncements as "The woman is impossible!" "Yes, I know," I say, and can only laugh as my future flashes before my eyes.) As Emily goes again to harass the nurses about using their fax machine, Lorelai looks once more at her cell phone, hoping for any sign of a call from Christopher.

Meanwhile, back at the CrapShack, Babette is struggling with Paul Anka, who is refusing to walk down the front steps to do his business. She calls Lorelai to tell her about it, but first asks how Richard's doing. Getting the update that he's okay, but in surgery, Babette assures Lorelai that Richard will be all right. "He's a very vital man, your dad. Lots of chi, you know." Lorelai awkwardly responds that she didn't realize Babette had noticed Ricahrd's chi. "Oh, yeah," Babette says, "your daddy's got it in spades. Sexy men like your dad often do. That's what makes 'em so sexy -- they're ripe with life!" Heee. Poor Lorelai thanks her, but Babette goes on: "He's like Warren Beatty, your dad. Or Sean Connery? Or, who's that one I always found so sexy? The evil politician with the glasses? Henry Kissinger. You might not agree with his politics; you might have lived through Vietnam and thought, 'Wow, that man is the devil,' but you can't deny that he's sexy, and you know why? Chi." Oh, praise God they used Kissinger and not Cheney for that. Lorelai, probably desperate to change the subject from the sexiness of her dad, asks how Paul Anka is doing. Babette reports that she can't get him down the stairs: "He's a no-go!" Lorelai directs Babette to lay something down for him, Paul Anka being quirkily afraid of the porch steps. For this, Babette sacrifices her own coat, and Paul Anka charges down the steps. Lorelai, touched that Babette would do all this and call to check on her, thanks her friend.

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