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At the Gilmore manse, Logan does a little vaudeville on the phone with the fish man, trying to give him directions to the house: "Turn left. Right. No, I mean, that's correct. Right. Correct!" Rory laughs, saying that she's going to book the Palace Theatre for Logan and the Fish Man. "The Fish Man and Logan," Logan corrects her. Rory is surprised that he'd give up top billing. Logan shrugs: "He's the one who can juggle." Cute, but that is where the cuteness ends. For, as Rory asks Logan to talk about business to distract her from the Grandpa emergency, he tells her that he is trying to buy another internet company and, I have to tell you, it is the most boring conversation ever. The gist: Logan's going to put up $3 million of his own trust fund to purchase the company, since his dad rejected the idea. "I have to move fast," he says, excited. Rory uses her newly developed economic knowledge to chat with him about it, and that he is impressed with her business-speak. She says that she has really enjoyed Richard's business class, and as she talks and packs up what seems to be Richard's entire study, she realizes again what's going on with her dear Grandpa. Logan again reassures Rory that Richard will be okay.

Back at the hospital, Lorelai and Emily navigate the grossness of the hospital cafeteria choices. "That's a quiche?" Emily says, alarmed. "That blobby, white thing? The audacity of charging money for this!" Lorelai shrugs, saying that it's just hospital food. "What's that supposed to mean?" Emily snaps. Lorelai says, you know, it's a cliché, hospital food being bad. "Clichés are just true things people are tired of being true," Emily points out. Like, hospital food being bad and stuff like "a penny saved is a penny earned." Lorelai argues that that's not a cliché, but an overused saying. "Well," Emily says, "some overused sayings are true, like 'Children should be seen and not heard.'" Lorelai adds a good overused one: "Mother knows best." Emily shoots back, from the hip: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Thank you, writers, for this tiptoe through the damn Farmer's Almanac, but can we get on with it? Once again, Emily's phone rings, and she thoughtlessly leaves Lorelai responsible for the food while she traipses off to speak with Richard's attorney. Lorelai, silently steaming, follows Emily to the table to hear her mother speaking of Richard's standard and living wills. "Mom," asks Lorelai, "what was that?" She's furious that Emily seems to be thinking of the will right now -- "You want to make sure's leaving you the Mercedes AND the Jag?" -- but Emily insists that she's just being pragmatic. Disgusted, Lorelai says that she's not hungry anymore, and leaves her mother there to eat alone.

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