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Later, we see Emily and Lorelai further sharing this emotional crisis the only way they really can: Lorelai supplies her mom with that universal pain reliever, Milk Duds. "They stick in your teeth," Emily says. "But yes, they are good." Rory and Logan look on in mild surprise at this moment of calm between mother and daughter. Dr. Goldstein comes out to say that Richard has come through the surgery well, but is groggy and tired: "After he gets some rest, you can all visit with him, but for now, maybe just his wife." Lorelai smiles at her mom and tells her to say hello to Richard for all of them.

Emily smiles back and goes in to see Richard, to whom she manically reports on all her activities. "Sounds just fine, Emily," he says, looking at her sweetly as she gives her Emmy-deserving speech about the fish she's ordered. "Sounds just fine."

Outside the hospital, Lorelai makes yet another call to Christopher's voicemail. She tells him that Richard is out of surgery, and that she wanted him to know the good news: "Because...I'm your wife, and I think that's what I'm supposed to do. No idea how to be your wife, but I'm trying." She says that she knows he's upset, and she knows they had a fight, but that all her friends have been calling and showing up to be there for her, but that he, her husband, is not there: "And, it's not okay, Chris, you know? It's not okay."

Back in Grandpa's room, Lorelai sits by Richard's side as Rory plays him his favorite Bing and talks Milton Freidman. "The guy who sang 'Spirit In The Sky'?" Lorelai asks, confused. "No," Richard groggily says, "that was Norman Greenbaum." Sweet. Both Rochard and Lorelai are impressed with Rory's knowledge of economic theory, and Lorelai asks if Richard's still thinking he'd rather be in Philadelphia. No, he says, he's feeling good about New Haven now. As Richard drifts off to sleep, Lorelai tells Rory that she's glad to see her so happy with Logan. "He's not half bad, that kid," she says. "He's almost okay!" Rory agrees that Logan's all right. "Hey, um, Mom?" asks Rory, suddenly serious. "Do you know where Dad is?" Lorelai sighs. "No, honey," she says. "For all I know, maybe he's in Philadelphia."

Later, in the hall, Lorelai, Rory, and Logan follow Emily as the doctor tells her about Richard's excellent prognosis. Lorelai sees Luke and hangs back. He's just dropping off food he's made for the family. "So," he asks, "how's he looking?" Lorelai smiles: "He's looks good. Big. Tall." Luke smiles, too. "That's good. He's tall. He's a big man." It's silly, but sweet. While they're talking, Christopher shows up. He blanches when he sees Luke listing the food he's brought -- including a bag full of seafood for Emily -- and strolls coldly up to them. "Hi, you're here!" says Lorelai, while, instead of grabbing his wife and saying how sorry he is, Chris stares down Luke. "I should go," Luke says quickly, moving to leave. Not willing to let the moment pass without some dick-measuring, Chris snaps, "Yeah, you should." Everybody mail your "Shut up, Rory" tees back to Glark, okay? Because I think he can probably get "Fuck off, Christopher" embroidered over the original design. Luke pauses only to give Christopher a cold "I'd kill you if she wasn't standing here" look, tells Lorelai again that he's glad Richard is okay, and leaves. Without even a cursory "how are you doing?" to his wife, Chris makes a snide remark about how Lorelai obviously didn't think Christopher was coming. Desperately, Lorelai tries to explain that Luke just showed up, that she didn't know he would be there. As she flails and Christopher tells her he doesn't want to discuss it, Rory and Logan walk up with Emily. Christopher gives Rory a "hi, kiddo," and she invites him to come back with her and see Grandpa. Emily's face, meanwhile, is speaking a thousand words. Though she's only seen a moment of it, she's feeling the true weight of whatever's going on between Christopher and her daughter. "It'll be all right," Emily coolly tells Lorelai as they watch Christopher walk away. Based on their earlier discussion, Emily adds an appropriate overused phrase: "Every cloud has a silver lining." Lorelai: "Thanks, Mom." Emily shrugs: "Well, blood is thicker than water."

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