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It's audition time for Zach at Mrs. Kim's. He plays her the chorus of his new song which, though it attempts the paltry rhyme of "commotion" to "distortion," is kind of good. Well, it's not all that bad until Mrs. Kim makes him play it five times, which is what happens next. In any case, she likes the song, but it's not quite there. He is exhausted, and says it's hopeless, but she pushes him, suggesting he go out on a minor chord. This intrigues Zach, and he tries a few. "That is better," he says. "Very Ray Davies." She says she was thinking more Dave Clark Five, but that it doesn't matter, because going out on that minor chord makes it a hit song. "It is!" Zach cheers. "We wrote a hit song. Mrs. Kim! We wrote a hit song!" She stands and declares that now they must go inside. Zach runs after her, talking about how his normal songwriting system hasn't worked for him nearly as well as hers. She isn't listening, and instead calls Lane downstairs, saying that Zach has something important to talk to her about. "Yes, Zach?" Lane says, all nervous and fluttery. He's so excited, he's forgotten his original mission: "Your mom and I just wrote a hit song!" Hee. Lane is confused, as he goes on and on, but Mrs. Kim puts him back on track. She sets a kneeling stool on the floor, hinting hard, and he snaps back to it. "Oh, sorry," he laughs and, kneeling, proposes to Lane again. She says yes, again, and cries as he puts her Shriner ring back on her finger. "Hold on," Mrs. Kim says, pulling another ring from her pocket. "This ring belonged to my grandmother. Now, it belongs to you." Lane is breathless, and thanks her mother. "That one," MamaKim says, pointing to the original ring, "you keep in drawer so it doesn't scare the children." Lane and Zach are happy, especially when Mrs. Kim gives them a whole fifteen minutes to be alone and discuss their future. Zach sits down and excitedly plays the song he just wrote with his future mother-in-law. I cannot stop laughing about the song my husband might write with my own mother. It would be called "Al Is Great; Don't You Hate Her?" and it would be all about how I am so awesome and fun, but how I refuse to do things their way -- their shared complaint in life.

Apparently, despite their earlier fight, Lorelai and Rory have made up to the point where they are back making the movie rounds, watching Final Destination 3 yet again. Lorelai is overly incredulous about the stupidity of this film, wondering how it ever made any money whatsoever. They are interrupted, to Rory's relief, by Cesar, who says that Luke has gone upstairs to get on the phone to yell at a vendor. Speaking of phones, Rory's rings yet again. She ignores it, asking what Lorelai wants to do after dinner. Lorelai smiles: "Do you want to rent Final Destination 1 and 2?" Rory sighs as Lorelai compliments Cesar on his fancy new bag, on the counter. He says that it's Luke's, and that it just arrived today. "So," Lorelai smirks, "I finally wore him down, huh?" Rory looks pained. She says that Lorelai might not want to know, but that Rory noticed that bag today in Anna's store, which stocks one-of-a-kind stuff. Lorelai tries to laugh it off, but excuses herself to go up and see Luke. She hangs out for a second, waiting on him to tell her about the bag, first, but he doesn't. "I see papa's got a brand new bag," she jokes, and it finally dawns on him what she's talking about. He brushes it off, saying that Anna sent it over without his asking. Lorelai tries to act like it's great, and that it doesn't bother her, but obviously -- to everyone on the planet besides Luke -- it does. She goes back downstairs, repeating the whole story, including the "I'm fiiiiine" angle to Rory, but...she ain't fine.

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