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Rory opens the door to tell Paris she's going and quickly slams it shut. "Whoa," she says. "They made up. Either that, or krav maga is way kinkier than I thought it was." Logan says that Rory can just call Paris tomorrow. "Yeah," she says, lackluster. "I can just call her from...home." She slumps toward the stairs, looking back with her big, sad eyes when Logan asks if they're okay. "Yeah," she shrugs. Like mother, like daughter. When are these Gilmores going to learn to express their displeasure with their relationships? It makes no sense that women who are so hyper-controlling about every other aspect of their lives just hem and haw around the things that are actually important to them, thus creating needless drama. Which I guess is what the writers think makes it compelling television when, in fact, it just makes me want to throw my TV into the driveway and chop it with an axe.

At Luke's, Lorelai comes out of the shower, alarmed by a killer spider. She has been calling Luke, she says, to come and get the bug, which she's trapped under the soap dish, but he's been on the phone. He goes to get the thing and realizes that the spider has a posse. "There isn't a soap dish in town big enough for these guys," he says, going to get a huge pot. "I just gotta trap them, then move them out of the shower, and then sell the building." He's busy with the spiders, so when he tells Lorelai about April calling and asking him to be a chaperone on her math team trip, he can't see her face fall and look sad and worried. Of course, when he comes out of the bathroom, she encourages him to go: "I know that traveling across country on a bus full of Little Man Tates has been a lifelong dream of yours." In that case, he says, he will go. As a matter of fact, he's already mapped out the route and everything and is excited about seeing the Liberty Bell, which he's never seen. Wake me up when he's not talking about the map anymore. What the hell have these writers done to Luke? He carries the spiders out, Lorelai telling him to try to find someplace shady, "ideally near a talking pig."

Lane and Brian are moving back into the apartment they used to share with Zach. Well, Lane's moving her stuff in while the guys play videogames. "Hey," Brian asks, something suddenly occurring to him about the apartment. "What happens when you guys get married?" Zach snorts: "Well, we finally get to have sex." Lane admonishes him, and tells Brian that they haven't really discussed it yet. They proceed to discuss it in front of him now -- Lane thinks they should probably get their own place eventually. "I tell you," Zach says to Brian, "this marriage thing? Major. Every day, something huge to think about." Speaking of huge, Lane tells him, he still needs to go and talk to her mom about the proposal. He assures her that everything is under control, and she goes off to work. "You've got yourself a good woman there," Brian says. "Yep," Zach says, smug. "I do." Yes, you do, but no one can figure out WHY to save their lives.

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