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Lorelai arrives at the diner to find Luke in the middle of a project. He is, to her disdain, sewing up the rattiest duffle bag this side of 'Nam. She is alarmed that he plans to take this on his trip with April, and offers to take him shopping for some new luggage, instead. He refuses, naturally, and immediately proceeds to stab himself in the hand with the needle. Lorelai: "I can't believe you think shopping is more painful than this!" Lane's there, but rushes outside when she sees Rory walking up on the sidewalk. She grabs her friend in a hug. "I have some really, really big news," Lane says, flashing her ring finger. "What?" Rory asks. "You've...become a Shriner?" We cut away, back to inside the restaurant, where Lorelai is still teasing Luke about his sewing skills. They hear the girls suddenly burst into crazy squeals, and turn to see them jumping up and down. "Rory's here!" Lorelai says, delighted. And she is, indeed -- she and Lane run in and accost Lorelai with the ring. "You..." Lorelai says, "won the Super Bowl?" No, they explain, Lane's engaged. "[The ring] is all Zach could afford right now," she says, "but actually I think it's kind of rock and roll." Lorelai smiles from ear to ear. "It's the rocking and the rollingest," she says. "Congratulations!" Lane says she would have told Lorelai earlier, but she figured Luke had already told her. Lorelai is surprised he would have forgotten to mention it. "Fine, sure I forgot to tell you," he says. "So what? I remember being engaged to you, isn't that enough?" Hilarious joke, Luke, except not all that hilarious since you can't seem to remember anything else about Lorelai lately such as that she's an actual human, with feelings, who you made swear to be 100% honest with you, and to whom you then turned around and lied. Remember that? I DO.

Lane is called away by customers, and Rory sits down, excited for her friend and wondering if Luke will make them celebratory s'mores. "For you," Lorelai says, "anything." Lorelai says that seeing her there is a nice surprise: "I didn't expect it, you being the modern busy woman and all." Rory says that she can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan, and that she just felt the need to get a Stars Hollow fix for a few days. Lorelai says she can play hooky from the Inn for Rory, and asks what's new. Rory tells her that things are back on with Logan, and that he explained everything about the whole bridesmaids "misunderstanding." Lorelai is surprised. "Everything's good," says Rory. They are interrupted by Luke bringing them plates of food. "Here, get started on these," he says, smiling at Rory. "And I'm making you some s'mores." Rory sighs: "He's the most beautiful man in the world," and one can't argue, even if he is acting like kind of an ass right now.

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