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Later, at the Inn, Rory is doing some work for the paper, reviewing a lacrosse piece turned in by her editor, A.K. "When I criticize a piece, you think I hate it," she says, "and when don't criticize a piece, you think I hate it. Do you want me to hate you, A.K.? Because it's becoming a distinct possibility." Really, the only one doing any hating around here is Michel, who is trying to work at the hotel desk, and is annoyed by Rory's loud, intrusive interruptions to his day. Oh, and she is also using his Post-it Notes, which apparently is what passes for a comic setup on this show now. He acts bitchy about it, and Rory asks if he'd like her to reimburse him for the seven pink notes she's used. Apparently, Michel has some kind of insane, pointless system using the notes -- Lord only knows why, since he has a computer right there in front of him which presumably contains guests records -- and her use of the pink stack has now made all the stacks uneven, "creating the illusion that more guests have been checking out than have been checking in, which of course is a physical impossibility, unless we have begun murdering them." Rory looks at Michel hard, no doubt calculating the number of notes it would take to properly keep a record if she murdered him and his little dogs, too. Lorelai walks up to find them staring each other down. "I was just filling your daughter in," he says, "on the inner workings of the Dragonfly." Lorelai sighs, asking what Rory did. "I took some Post-Its," Rory drones. "But," Lorelai gasps, "the system!" She gives Michel her sincere and deep apologies. "She was raised better than that," she says, slapping Rory's hand. Michel sighs the sigh of the damned and says in a hate-filled voice -- you know, his regular voice -- that he's going on his break. "He seems good," Rory says. "Yeah," says Lorelai, "it's the yoga."

Lorelai gets a call on a her cell, from Emily. "I'm calling you from the car," she yells, and Lorelai holds the phone away from her ear. "Yeah," she says, "well, you're not calling to me from a car, so stop yelling." Emily agrees, and while Richard drives and wrestles with the car's new GPS, she asks Lorelai the distance between Preston to New London. They seem to be near the first, but should be in the latter at an Estate Sale. The GPS apparently cannot be operated while the car is in motion, and Emily admonishes Richard for buying something that was supposed to keep them from having to pull over every time they needed directions. "If I told people," Lorelai says to Rory as she listens to all of this over the phone, "they wouldn't believe it." She hits her speaker button so that Rory can listen, too, as Emily shrews on and on about the technology controlling their lives and Richard gets more frustrated with the GPS, which will only speak German. Lorelai jokes that it's too bad they're so off-course, and that next time they should call before leaving so that they can swing by Stars Hollow. Emily, however, doesn't get the joke, and takes her up on it, especially after hearing that Rory is there. They will be stopping by, she says, around 4:30.

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