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Zach arrives at Mrs. Kim's, prepared to put his proposal plan into action. He's even wearing a tie. MamaKim brusquely announces that Lane is not there and that, incidentally, there are laws against stalking and that he could go to jail. No, no, Zach assures her, he isn't there to see Lane. "I'm just looking for a..." he stalls before grabbing up the nearest thing in the store, "...doorknob." Mrs. Kim tells him that will be $75, cash or credit. "Wow," Zach says. "Could you throw in a door?" Actually, he goes on, what he's really there to do is talk to her: "I want to marry Lane." This sets Mrs. Kim back, clearly, but he troops on: "I know Lane's your only daughter, and I know how important she is to you, but I really love her. She's smart, and hot -- well, not hot in a slutty way -- she's beautiful and cool and she's an awesome drummer." Sweet. He doesn't give Mrs. Kim a chance to interrupt, whipping out his work recommendations, showing that he is a good worker and will probably soon receive a promotion making him eligible for health benefits. He gives her a copy of his current bank statement. "It's not a lot," he says, "but it grows a little every month, except for maybe this month -- that doorknob's gonna set me back a little bit." Mrs. Kim looks it all over and says she thought that being a musician was his true calling. "Yes," he says, trying to assure her, "but that doesn't mean I'm into drugs, or looking to do the whole Babyshambles thing. I just like to play." Mrs. Kim asks if he has a demo, and he says he does, but swears that the music never interferes with his day job. "Bring it to me," Mrs. Kim says. "I need to know whether you can provide for Lane." Zach waves his papers around. He can provide, he says, as he's shown her. But Mrs. Kim, because she is awesome, harps on the music and insists on hearing the demo. "But...what are you gonna do?" Zach says. "Because, rock, it's very subjective." Mrs. Kim says that she will listen and evaluate it. I love the thought of Mrs. Kim writing record reviews for like, some pretentious music magazine. I'd listen to her, for sure. "And," she adds, "you haven't mentioned anything to Lane about marriage yet, right?" Zach's eyebrows go up. "Oh..." he says, "no. I came to you first." MamaKim nods, saying that's good -- there's no need to get Lane's hopes up "in case things don't work out."

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