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Back at the CrapShack, Richard comments that the pasta à la Sookie is delicious. Welcome to America, Grampa. Rory's cell phone rings, apparently not for the first time, and she turns it off -- declining, as Lorelai suggests, to go ahead and answer it in another room. Emily bitches that Lorelai has made so many changes recently, it's like she has a new house -- one that she did not involve Emily in, at all. Lorelai tries to cover, saying that she was certainly going to invite Emily and Richard over when everything was finished. She hears a knock at the door while she's explaining this, and goes to answer it, finding Luke standing there. "My parents are here," she whispers, causing him to about-face, without a word. When she gets back to the table and Emily asks who was at the door, Lorelai tells her it was Ed McMahon: "He's always showing up with these huge cardboard checks. They're impossible to endorse, by the way." Emily sighs: "I am never not sorry that I ask these questions." A lot of GG fans are possibly too young and innocent to remember the Ed McMahon endorsement of American Family Publishers, a company that ran a sweepstakes the result of which, if you were one of the fictional people to win it, was a person arriving at your door with a ten-foot bank check for millions of dollars. Well, many, many class-action lawsuits later, and the sterling name of Ed McMahon, entertainment legend, ended up slightly tarnished because of the whole sweepstakes biz. Let that be a lesson unto you, okay? When you are seventy-five and an eighty-year-old Justin Timberlake appears on your television trying to sell you magazine subscriptions or diabetes medication, don't trust him just because you once loved him as a Mousketeer.

The Grandparents begin a weird, roundabout conversation about how you can live somewhere your entire life, but never feel at home. Lorelai says that Stars Hollow will always be home to her, since she has lived there for twenty-one years and doesn't plan to leave. "This house does have a certain charm," Emily says. "It feels very homey. I could see you and Luke here." Lorelai waits a beat for the backhand to come, but it doesn't. "Wow," she says, amazed. "Thank you, Mom." The completely underused Richard realizes that the hour is late and that they need to get going, and the G-Units take off, to Lorelai and Rory's relief. "Your parents are exhausting," Rory says. "Not as exhausting as your grandparents," Lorelai says. They discuss the parameters of their next food binge, and Rory picks up the paper to look for a movie to go see that night. She sees a luggage ad Lorelai has circled for Luke, and Lorelai explains about April's trip and Luke's ratty duffle bag. "He's really excited about it," she says. "That excitement might end when he arrives in Philadelphia and discovers that his underwear fell out somewhere around Amish country. The Amish, however, will be psyched." She moves on to the movie choices, but all this April talk has Rory scheming. She asks Lorelai if she's met the girl yet. "Not...officially," Lorelai says, causing the entire viewing audience, including myself, to writhe again with righteous indignation. Rory continues to quiz, asking what Lorelai knows about Anna. "Not much," she says. "Apparently, she's incredibly beautiful; she grew up here; she owns a store in Woodbridge; and Miss Patty thinks she was Mata Hari in a former life." Rory has a cunning plan: she wants to go to Woodbridge and spy on Anna. Lorelai flatly refuses, saying that's weird and creepy and that Anna is not "the other woman; she's another woman!" She tells Rory no, and that Luke has asked (off-camera, I guess) that she stay out of the whole thing, so that's what she intends to do. Rory shrugs, agreeing, and they make plans to go see the last half of Nanny McPhee followed by the first half of Final Destination 3 which, sure, is the perfect combination.

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