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The Planetarium Story

Back at the CrapShack, Christopher walks in on Lorelai in Rory/Gigi's room, rearranging the furniture. He kisses her hello and asks how Luke and April are doing with only the most minor trace of cringe regarding Luke. "It was fine," says Lorelai of seeing her very recent fiancé, and they immediately brush it off as she reports the great news that Rory is happy about their marriage and all these changes. We cut away as they move the furniture together and talk about painting the room pink for Gigi. Yay?

Back at the hospital, Luke, the proud and caring father, sits by April's bed while she sleeps. He flips around the channels on the overhead television and runs across the critical moment of perhaps one of the greatest films ever made, The Philadelphia Story. In the clip, Katharine Hepburn is in a pickle. Her wedding to her stodgy, unfun fiancé has just been called off, moments before the ceremony was to begin. Cary Grant (her sexy, fun, ex-husband), however, is on the scene, having orchestrated various hijinx to bring himself and Hepburn back together in a reunion of soulmates. Luke blanches as he watches Hepburn announce that a wedding will, in fact, take place -- just not the one everyone gathered to see. In fact, she will be having the original wedding she was meant to have, as it was beautifully and originally planned.

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