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Rory is coming up in her apartment's elevator (talking on what must be a supersonic cell phone that gets reception in elevators), telling Logan all about attending a recent chamber music concert and basketball game. He teases her about being a basketball fan, and before she can make a witty comeback, she unlocks the front door to find him standing there, surprising her again. "What is wrong with you?" she squeals, delighted to see him, and they happily smooch it up. He is happy to report that the space his company wanted for their launch party has suddenly become available due to the unfortunate postponement of a party for Nadine Maybrook and Jamie Erman, who broke up and called off their engagement party that night. "Poor Nadine and Jamie," Rory says. "Hey," Logan jokes, "I invited them! The more the merrier. It's gonna be huge!" She says she will be there as soon as she can get away from this big snail dinner her mom has demanded she attend. Logan says again that it's going to be a big time, due to Bobbie's great planning. Oh, Bobbie. Rory makes the Girlfriend Smirk, which yes, shut up, Rory, but come on, y'all -- you've all made the GS at the mention of a pretty woman's name. You HAVE. Come on. I am practically Chaka Khan, I'm that liberated, but even I have done it and especially did it when I was twenty-two. "No, no," says Rory when Logan notices the GS. "I like Bobbie. I do. I don't like the fact that she's not a big, swarthy dude, but I recognize that my issues with Bobbie have nothing to do with her. She's your colleague. It doesn't matter that her legs come up to my nose." Poor Rory. Logan, for his part, doesn't rub it in, instead asking out of nowhere if Rory wants to come with him the next day to look at apartments. She's confused, and then thrilled when she figures out that Logan's moving to Manhattan. "But why do you have to live in Manhattan?" she asks. "Why can't you live here, with me?" Logan says that the drive back and forth would be too much with the extremely long hours he'll be keeping. They have a cute exchange about him needing at least to take some of his things from the apartment -- especially, Rory hints strongly, the full suit of armor standing in the middle of the floor.

Over at Luke's, April is still in residence, hunkered over the table studying hyperphasia. Luke's in full-on Great Dad mode, serving up turkey burgers and gossiping about April's school friends. Awesome. April thanks him for washing her jean skirt, which she wants to wear to a friend's party. She was going to wear the purple one, she says, but the last time she wore it, Adam called her "Purple Nardini" non-stop, and since he's going to be at the party, she doesn't want to hear him saying it all night. Something occurs to Luke: "All night? Why would Adam be at her party?" Luke has to do the math: Adam? At Sabrina's party? He's a boy. She's a girl. This is a boy/girl party? Yep, April says, and it will be her first one ever. Luke wigs a little: "So, there going to this party?" Now it's April's turn to wig, and she does, way too much. "Ew, DAD," she says, adding on about ten "ew"s when he asks about kissing again. "Okay!" Luke says as she grosses out to the max, and he swears he won't say it again. She picks at her broccoli as we cut away on Luke's shell-shocked face.

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