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What was I just saying? Oh, yeah. Logan leads Rory around the party, pointing out the riff-raff. There's a Rockefeller who doesn't like to talk about being a Rockefeller, but likes you to notice; Logan advises Rory, "So if you talk to him, make sure he knows you know, but don't say you know!" Logan points to another pair: "Behind us, Boykin and his fiancé Celery, and no I'm not kidding, those are their real names." Logan and Rory giggle about these tragedies until Logan's fake-British co-workers arrive to "chat" about how Rory's about to get out of Yale. Bobbie tells her how "cute" her dress is, and Rory forces herself to respond in kind, though obviously offended by the word "cute." Bobbie, of course, is in rare form, moving and shaking all over the party, taking care of business left and right. Rory is slightly out of her element, especially when Bobbie introduces them to a rich creep named Trip who gives Rory the double-cheek kiss, -- which she very awkwardly receives (and this time it isn't even her fault, though Alexis Bledel has historically proven to be a terrible receiver of affectionate greetings) -- and then goes on and on about his new house on Tortola. It is blindingly boring and insufferably snobbish and Rory and Logan are finally saved by Bobbie, who drags the guy away to meet someone else. "Can we please never go to Tortola?" asks Rory. Logan: "I don't even want to meet John Tuturro!" Rory: "Or eat tortellini!" Love it.

Logan then sees someone across the room that Rory will actually enjoy meeting: Hugo Grace, a former New York Times reporter who is now launching an online magazine. Rory is, of course, excited to meet him, and they chat a bit about her tenure at the Yale Daily News. Hugo is also impressed by her, and when Logan is pulled away to intercede in one of his coworker's drunken maneuvers, Hugo and Rory are left alone. He tells her, relieved, that now that he's found someone he can actually talk to at this party, he's going to monopolize her a bit longer. Jokingly, he asks if this party is much different than the ones at Yale. "Eh," she says, "fewer drunken musings on Roland Barthes." She says, however, that on the plus side of this party, she is learning a great deal about the tackiness of the Canary Diamond. Hugo commiserates, a little too righteously, about all these rich people and their snobby rich ways, and they talk journalism. As he is leaving, Hugo suggests that Rory submit something to his new site -- like, for example, a story about this party. When she happily tells Logan about the offer, he encourages her to do it, and before they can discuss it any further, they are accosted by the Tortola guy again.

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