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Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai is once again leaving Rory messages, this time about how she knows Rory is upset about the marriage: "I know we talked about going slow, and this seems like the opposite of slow. And in some ways it is, and in some really isn't." Lorelai repeats how much she really wants to talk to Rory about it.

The next morning, Logan is in his pajamas reading the article Rory apparently stayed up all night to write for Hugo. She really wants Logan to like it, and is blathering, as he tries to read, about being too excited to sleep and having had too much coffee and yada. I guess she means she stayed up all night drinking coffee to write it, but...didn't her man just fly in from across the world and wouldn't they have, you know...You know? Whatever: the article is written, Logan is reading it, and he ain't happy. Rory checks her voicemail, as Logan frowns over it, and hears the message her mom just left. She quickly deletes it, shaking her head, and returns to Logan to ask what he thinks of the story. He, in a word, flips. Because Rory's little piece, apparently, is all about how the privileged children of the rich flounce around leading worthless lives and going to parties like Logan's. Rory even mentions the poor Tortola guy. When she sees how upset Logan is, she apologizes, but points out that he, too, had made fun of these people. "I was joking with my girlfriend," he says. "I wasn't standing around judging people!" Oh, no, Logan, you're a regular King Solomon with your partiality. May I remind you of your treatment of Marty? And Jess? And, everybody? Whatever: Rory's also in the wrong with her snitty little story, and Logan lays into her for it even as she sincerely apologizes and explains that it was all meant to be funny. The point she was trying to make, she says, is that people use connections to get ahead. "Where do you get off acting all morally superior?" asks Logan. "You clearly think you are? Why? Because you read Ironweed? 'Cause you saw Norma Rae?" Rory hmphs, but Logan keeps on going, telling her she's one of them: "You went to prep school! You go to Yale!" She says that's all different: "It's not like I live off a $5 million trust fund my parents set up for me!" Logan lowers the boom: "Yeah, well, you're not exactly paying rent, either." Whoa. A little much. But, you know, he's not wrong. Rory, however, is shocked. "Screw you, Logan," she says, pissed, and walks out.

Back at Luke's, April is wearing yet another of her seemingly unlimited supply of striped turtleneck sweaters, as she and Luke talk about the upcoming party. She keeps clutching her stomach, and he can tell she feels ill. My husband looks at me with an "oh, no" glance, thinking the hammer of womanhood is about to drop on April, challenging Luke with the ultimate parental test. But, no. She is sick, and even has a fever, and though he is not about to have to scale the highest fatherly mountain -- buying feminine hygiene products for the first time -- he is going to have to do the second hardest thing: say no to his daughter. April, Luke insists, cannot go to the party. Oh, snap. "You're just saying that," she yells, "because you don't want me to go!" He says that's not true -- that of course he trusts her -- but she won't hear it: "You SUCK AS A DAD!" Luke hangs his head, dejected.

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