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In The Fjords' dorm room at Yale, Rory is pacing in front of her friends, in high dudgeon about her fight with Logan: "He's the one who insisted I move in with him -- begged me, practically -- and now, he throws it in my face like I'm some kind of leech!" Olivia and Lucy -- who are far more toned down in this episode than they have been before, and thus completely bearable -- agree that this, coming from Logan, is a low blow. "Ugh, I hate everyone today!" says Rory. Olivia: "Including us?" Rory: "Well, no, not you guys, but don't cross me, sister!" Olivia is reading over the story Rory wrote about Logan's party while Rory says that now she's practically homeless. Lucy suggests that she move in with them. "Is that allowed?" Rory asks. Lucy says that, well, no, it's not, technically. Olivia: "But, we have a hotplate, and we're not allowed to have that, either." Ah. I am glad to see that dorm tradition lives on. My roommate had a hotplate, too, though I was always afraid to use it and it made our room smell like cheese whether it was in use or not. Rory thinks it over, but decides to decline: "You guys are taking enough of a risk with that hotplate. I'll figure something out." Olivia finishes the article and hands it off to Lucy, saying that she really enjoyed it: "It was sharp, and funny, and I could totally see everything and imagine everyone." Rory is grateful: "Thanks. And, it's not mean, right?" Olivia: "No, no, it's mean." Lucy cringes and agrees. "What?!" Rory asks, shocked. "It's mean?" Lucy and Olivia repeat that it is: "It's sort of Lynn Hirschberg meets...I don't know, someone really mean." Rory can't believe it: "No, I'm Fran Lebowitz! It's supposed to be fun! Frothy! Light-hearted satire! I'm...Tama Janowitz!" Olivia breaks it to her: "A mean Tama Janowitz." Aw. The scales fall from Rory's eyes. "God..." she says, in realization. "I'm mean? I'm mean and judgmental. And I didn't mean to be. I was just trying to sell an article." No doubt she smells the lingering trails of Chanel No. 5 as thoughts of Emily Gilmore float around like the ghosts of her future as a mean old woman in impeccable suits. She sees now, she says, why Logan is upset: "I really do hate everyone today. Including myself. Great. The circle's complete."

The circle's just starting over at Luke's. April is miserable, lying in bed, clutching her stomach and running a fever. Desperately, Luke grabs up the phone and calls Lorelai for advice. Well, who else is he going to call, right? Not April's mom, right? Or a doctor. I just mention it because I got all happy when I saw Luke call Lorelai, thinking "Ah! Here it is! They've shown us that Lorelai is uncomfortable with these changes with Chris, and now here's Luke calling and hope is alive!" But then Luke and Lorelai...just talk about April's symptoms; Lorelai diagnoses her over the phone with appendicitis and recommends that Luke take her to the emergency room.

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