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So he does. And...that's all that happens. Luke is in the hospital waiting room, listening to a married couple behind him have a stress-fight about how much time is left on their meter. Oh, wait. Limited time on the meter! Okay, now I see the symbolism: relationships are hard; thanks, college. Luke finally snarks at them that five minutes have passed since they started their inane conversation about the meter, so they might as well go put in another quarter and call it a day, and they hmph out while Lorelai walks in. She's just come to lend some moral support, she says, covering her newly-ringed left hand with her coat as Luke sincerely thanks her for being there. They have slightly awkward chat when the doctor comes out to get Luke and makes it way more awkward, assuming that the two of them are April's parents. "Oh, no," Lorelai says, "I'm not, uh..." and realizes as she points to herself that Luke has seen her wedding band. Oops. He stares at her for a second, confused, and before either of them can really say anything, the doctor leads Luke to April's room and Lorelai walks out, looking uncomfortable.

Logan's on the phone in his apartment talking business when Rory comes in. He immediately hangs up and apologizes to her for their fight: "I was way out of line. You know that I love it that you're here. I was just upset." Rory sighs. She admits that he had every right to be upset: her article was mean and judgmental and did not indicate the way she really feels. "I have total respect for everything you do," she tells him, sincerely. "I'm so proud of you." Logan smiles, and says he knows; the truth is, he wouldn't be so upset if Rory wasn't such a good writer. Why are they so cute?! Damn this show to hell, I don't even know what to feel anymore! Black is white! Up is down! Sigh. Rory and Logan get all smoochy and make with the "I love you"s, but Rory does say that she is going to have to move out of his apartment, anyway; she needs to do it for herself.

There's more kissing, and then Rory and Logan are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Lorelai, who has come to see Rory. Logan makes himself scarce as Lorelai begins the uncomfortable conversation about the marriage: "In a way, it was impulsive. But it other ways, it's been twenty years in the making." Rory sighs. She's not upset about the fact that Chris and Lorelai are married, she says. In fact, much to Lorelai's surprise, she's glad: "I'm happy for you. It's wonderful." She says that Lorelai and Christopher are great together, and that the whole parents-back-together thing is every kid's dream. ["Mumble for yourself, slouchy." -- Wing Chun] What Rory's sad about is not having been there to see Chris and Lorelai get married. "You weren't there," Lorelai says, sadly. Rory says again that she should have been there; it doesn't seem right that she didn't get to see her mom get married. And she could have been there, she says, if Lorelai had just made one phone call. Lorelai says again that she's sorry: she wanted to call her, but then she thought that if she called Rory, she'd have to explain the whole thing and maybe talk herself out of it. This scene is whipping me around like a yo-yo. When I first watched it, I kept thinking, "Oh, now Rory will admit that she doesn't think Lorelai and Chris should be together." And then she didn't. And then I thought, "Well, now Lorelai will admit that she was afraid she'd talk herself out of it, and that she wishes she HAD talked herself out of it, because it's ultimately not right." But, no, she goes on to say that she's SO sure, and it feels SO right, and that she SO knew, so she just went for it: "I wanted to be married to your dad." Rory says that she wouldn't have tried to talk Lorelai out of it, only maybe she would have suggested that they come back to the U.S. to get married so that they could have important people there. Or maybe, she goes on, she might have suggested that they live together first: "Like, six months, just to try it out, and..." She trails off. "Yeah, I totally would have talked you out of it." Lorelai smiles. She just doesn't want Rory to feel weird about the whole thing. "Your house is still your house," she says, mentioning cringingly that they did discuss putting in a trundle bed for Gigi, obviously expecting a bad reaction from Rory. But, no, that's just fine, too. "I can trundle it up with Gigi," Rory assures Lorelai, happily, and I wonder why, if everything's so great and easy, they don't just end the series right here. I mean, right? Because next up is the perfect exit scene. "Hey," Rory asks, "you didn't take Dad's name, did you?" Lorelai shakes her head: "I don't want to be Mrs. Hayden Planetarium for the rest of my life. I'm Lorelai Gilmore, okay? 'Lorelai Gilmore' without the 'Gilmore' is like...Gil, you know...less." AND...credits! No? No. It goes on.

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