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Rory stands by the gazebo and spots Lane walking with MamaLane. Kicky music starts up as Operation Subplot jumps into high gear. Kirk walks over toward MamaLane. He introduces himself. She says she's known him since he was two. "That's no guarantee people remember me," he says. She says she's in a hurry. She stops and Kirk asks when her store hours are. MamaLane launches into her rehearsed speech about how the hours are different depending on if you're a paying customer or not. As MamaLane goes on, a jogger runs past and drops something into Lane's bag. Success! MamaLane and Lane walk off. Kirk nods to Rory. Rory smiles and nods back. The jogger runs over to Rory and passes out on the gazebo. He lowers his hood. It's Michel. He's exhausted. Nobody told him that the drop got pushed back an hour and he's been running around Stars Hollow for the past sixty minutes. He hates everyone. Lorelai forgets to be responsible yet again. Michel calls Rory an "evil girl."

Back inside Luke's, Sherri and Christopher enter to say their "last goodbye." Sherri says she's going to go outside and look for Rory because she wants to legally adopt Rory tomorrow. Basically. She tells Lorelai she heard that their dinner was good. Christopher makes a face behind her to Lorelai that says, "Lie! I lie to her all the time!" Lorelai says dinner was great. Sherri says she'd love to see that house sometime: "Especially that portrait of Rory in the study." It's like she's stalking Rory. It creeps me out. Sherri leaves -- for the last time, I hope. She tells Lorelai to send her a picture of the portrait. She leaves to "corral" Rory. I hate that word.

Christopher sits to flirt with Lorelai some more. He apologizes for putting her in that situation with Emily. Lorelai says that it's never simple dealing with Emily. Christopher sees that Rory and Sherri have found each other. He says that Sherri had a good time last night and he hopes that Rory did, too. Lorelai says she seemed to. Lorelai says that she has something to say to him. "I, um, I kinda realized something?" she starts. She says that all of these years, no matter if she was single or engaged or whatever, she always had him in the back of her head, as a possible prospect, as someone she could end up being with, but she always had it on hold. She waited for him to find himself and get himself together, and she sabotaged every relationship she's had, even the one with Max, because she was waiting for Christopher to finally be ready. She says that now that she sees him with Sherri she thinks she can move beyond it. Christopher isn't happy. "How dare you put that on me," he says. She asks what's wrong. Christopher yells that she's dumping fifteen years of unhappiness on him. Sixteen, actually. Almost seventeen. Fifteen years of not having good relationships because of him. Max is his fault. He says that he doesn't deserve to be blamed for all of this. He's not going to apologize or comfort her. He stands up and yells that if there's anything else she wants to dump on him she should just leave a note. Over Christopher's right shoulder, we see Luke taking all of this in, but saying nothing. Christopher leaves. Lorelai makes eye contact with Luke. Luke looks down. Lorelai looks down and around. She sees Christopher still talking with Sherri and Rory. Lorelai looks miserable. Strangely, that's the end of the episode.

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