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WPM? A Billion.

Rory and Lorelai watch Two Fat Ladies on television. Rory doesn't want to watch a cooking show. She says they've seen all of them. Lorelai says it's because one of the Two Fat Ladies died. Rory asks which one. "The fat one," we all say in unison. Even Lauren Graham looks like she knows she has to make a lame joke. The doorbell rings. Rory goes to answer it, and asks if they can find "some other really fat people to watch." Lorelai comments that Rory sounded insensitive. She did.

It's Paris at the door. Paris invites herself in. She's mopey and carrying luggage. Paris says they need to do more studying before Friday. Rory tells Paris that the two of them know so much about assisted suicide that Kevorkian called her up today for pointers. Bah-dum-bum. Paris wants to address their presentation issues. She thinks that Rory's WPM (Words Per Minute) is too low. Rory's not talking fast enough. The part I like in this scene is that Paris says she's listening to the CDs she burned of the cassettes she made of the mock debate that they did. So she taped Rory talking to a wall and then burned a CD of it. I love that. Rory's only doing 135 WPM and it's "Jimmy-Bob slow." Paris brags that she's at 178. Rory says she sometimes adds a dramatic pause for effect. Paris: "Let's not harbor any Pinteresque fantasies here, Rory." Here's the thing. It's not that Daniel Palladino isn't clever. I can see what he's trying to do, and where he's going. It just isn't executed well. It's always so clunky and forced. Rory and Paris go to study. What's upstairs? Just Lorelai's room? ["And a bathroom, I believe. I think Paris changed in the upstairs bathroom before her date with Tristan." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai asks Paris if they were expecting her. "You should've been," Paris answers. Rory tells Lorelai she's going to work on her WPM. Lorelai asks if she wants to know. Rory says no. The phone rings. "I'll get it!" Lorelai screams at the back of Rory's head.

It's Christopher. He's on a business trip close to Stars Hollow and wanted to see how Rory was doing. He's in town for a couple of days. Lorelai invites Christopher to the Chilton debate. Christopher says he'd love to see Chilton. Lorelai adds that Paris will be there, so he might even get to see casualties. Christopher says he'll go. Lorelai says that Rory will be so happy. Right. Rory. Lorelai rounds the corner to Rory's room to hear Paris berating Rory for eating dairy products. Dairy makes mucus, which will slow down the WPM. Rory takes the phone. Paris asks Lorelai if she gave Rory the cereal with the dairy. "I'd rather not say," Lorelai says, ending the scene.

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