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WPM? A Billion.

The "Sneaky Music of Stars Hollow Quirkiness" starts up as Rory walks down some street in Stars Hollow. A pay phone starts ringing. Rory answers. It's Lane, with her telescope again. Didn't they have text messengers in an old episode? Rory says that Lane is stalking her. Lane has an emergency. There's a new Belle and Sebastian single coming out today. Rory says she already knows that. Lane says she has to have it. Rory says she doesn't know if she has time to pick it up. Lane says she already used up her five minutes today talking to trying to get them to overnight the single in a brown wrapper that advertised some kind of Korean religious literature. Lane says she thinks they notified the government. Rory, always the unsympathetic friend, asks Lane why she can't just wait for her grounding to be over. Lane says that being a fanatic audiophile comes with lots of responsibilities. Lane says she has to have the single and Rory has to find a way to get it to her. Rory says she'll do her best. Lane tells her that she's got something in her teeth and hangs up. Rory checks her reflection in the phone as the Stars Hollow basketball team walks by behind her. We know it's the basketball team because the guy in front is carrying a basketball. Subtle.

Chilton. Sookie and Lorelai show up for the debate. Lorelai asks Rory why she didn't show up at the vending machine for their pre-debate, non-dairy snack. Rory says that Paris had her do a sound check and then things got worse from there. Paris rushes behind them yelling that an entire row of seats needs to be moved because it's causing a bass problem. She speaks in English and Spanish, barking orders and telling people they have to move. Rory tells Lorelai and Sookie to find seats before Paris moves them all. Whee! "Glad you came," Rory says to Sookie. "No, you're not!" Sookie says, shoving a finger in Rory's face. She laughs and says she was just getting Rory in the mood. Rory leaves. Lorelai asks Sookie if she sees Christopher anywhere. Sookie takes a look around and says that she doesn't. Then she admits that she's never met Christopher, so she doesn't really know who she's looking for. She just tries to imagine "a guy that looks like a guy that [Lorelai] could be with, having deducted seventeen years off his age but adding a schoolboy's uniform and a Yankees cap." Lorelai asks, "And does your head hurt?" "Yeah," Sookie says. That's my favorite part of this episode. It's all pretty much blah from here.

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