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Lorelai and Sookie walk out to meet the witch. Christopher introduces her as Sherri. It's Mädchen Amick, who played Shelly on Twin Peaks. Sherri says it's nice to meet Lorelai finally. Lorelai says she remembers Sherri from her Christmas card. Christopher notes that Lorelai probably mocked their card soundly. Lorelai says she mocked all of the others, but not theirs; she introduces Sookie. "You have a very smooth dress," Sookie compliments Sherri. Sherri says that it's the fabric. This seems to please Sookie. Christopher and Sookie tell each other that they're "The Famous" one, and Christopher somehow manages to place Sookie behind some other chef. Sookie is upset that she's the second-best chef in the world and wants to know where he heard such a blasphemous rumor. Rory saves Christopher by saying, "Hey, Dad! You came!" Christopher says "of course" he came. "Sorry, I'm still getting used to it," Rory says. Just a little jab there, but nobody says anything about it. Christopher introduces Sherri. They hadn't met? Why did I think they did? Sherri starts babbling on about "Finally, finally, finally" and how great it is to meet Rory and how Christopher never stops talking about Rory and Sherri never stops talking. Sherri's given the "amazing" line, keeping up with the rule. Rory blushes. Sherri apologizes. Lorelai excuses herself and Rory to go whisper around the corner.

Sookie goes back to grilling Christopher about her second-place status as Lorelai escorts Rory around the bend. Rory and Lorelai both moan about the fact that Sherri is there. "She's a witch," Lorelai informs Rory. They wonder where to take a fancy pretty lady like Sherri. They ultimately decide to take her back to their house, even though it's messy. They walk back to the group. Sookie's still complaining until Lorelai tells her that she's the greatest chef in the world. This seems to pacify Sookie. Everyone gives a sigh of relief. Lorelai invites Christopher and Sherri over. "Sherri would love that," Christopher says. What a weird thing to say. Sherri's like a Stepford mom in this episode. Sherri goes on and on about how great it'll be to finally see Rory's books. Hey, Sherri. You didn't get a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Factory. Quit treating Rory like a tourist trap. I mean, it's only like, a few shelves of books. It's not like a library or anything. Whatever. Why am I even bothering? Why are we only halfway through this episode? When can I stop typing? When do these scenes end? Paris runs up as the others walk away and congratulates Rory on a great job. She says the transcripts of the debate are almost ready and they can sit and pore over them, seeing where they were right and where they went wrong. Rory says she has to leave with her "group," and poor Paris has to celebrate alone. She stomps off in a pout.

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Gilmore Girls




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